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IT IS October, after all!!
this weekend was FULL and so fun- and we are still recovering.. well I am still recovering.  its amazing how easily my energy level can be zapped. we spent every moment together as a family with only interruptions to take naps for Baker and me, myself, and I- and baby brother, too I suppose, right??  Parker woke me on Friday morning at like 5:30am (!!!) and I told her NO after she repeatedly requested absurd things like a banana and bubble guppies she finally sunk my “mom stance” of putting my foot down with “mom.  I just want to wuv on my baby brother.  he wuves it when I rub his head..
fine Parker.  FINE.
the weather was amazing this weekend and we took full advantage of getting and staying outside.. and I took about one billion photos to prove it..
side note: we discovered Baker was allergic to insect bites maybe a month ago after she was bitten on the hand by a mosquito.  her hand swelled tremendously and blood pooled around her joints, so we made a trip to the doctor in panic we were all relieved that it was just a mosquito bite. she was bitten on the cheek on Wednesday and by Friday her eye was swollen shut. 
exhibit A:
 we made our weekly trip to Costco for the essentials and then headed to Market Street for lunch and to play at the park.  OMGGGG this weather. 
 pumpkinssss! the twins were fascinated with the piles of pumpkins in front of the market.. my mama heart skipped a couple beats when I saw all the festive October-y things every where I looked!
this is my favorite time of year.  hands down.
 ..we ended our Friday night with a walk + a trip to the park before the babes went to bed.
Saturday, October 1st
the best day of the year!  I celebrated a good mama friend and her growing baby boy belly on Saturday morning and then we headed for church on Saturday evening.  by the time we got out of service everything was closing down, but we made a quick stop at a small nursery on our way home to grab a couple pumpkins for the porch.
hats c/o / tees c/o / skirts c/o / boots c/o
it isn’t really public knowledge, and I’m not totally sure WHY, but I’ve worked as a stylist for Stitch Fix for almost a 8 months now and they hosted their Dallas team and our families for an amazing brunch at the Truck Yard in downtown Dallas on Sunday. I LOVE this place, and their cheesesteaks are phenomenal.. and not to mention my company was pretty awesome, too. such a random job to have found myself in- but its fun and I don’t feel like I’m “working” when I am styling women of all sizes, preferences, and ages. plus, since cutting back on the amount of hours I work away from home from my growing family- every little bit helps.

SO ANYway.. food.    

 we ate a lot of it and enjoyed every moment of it. 
plus.. the weather.
 after we filled our bellies with food, we stuffed the grocery cart with all the food.. and hardly made a scene while doing so.
 somehow I convinced Jordan, after our entire Sunday spent away from the house, to skip the Cowboy game and head to the weekend opening of our favorite Pumpkin Patch!
flower bowdenim dresses 

 $5 bucks to park + 1 billion pumpkins + tractor rides + hay mazes + bounce houses + giant slides  
we will be here everyday of October.

 Baker’s first real experience with a pumpkin.. she was cracking me up!
bow / romper
 the girls and their amazing sport of a daddy rode these cars about 5 times before we finally said TIME TO GO with promises we would return super soon.

gah.  take me back to the weekend! I took a two and a half hour nap to make it through my Monday after this fun weekend, but still so worth it.
’tis this AMAZING pumpkin season!

October 4, 2016

  1. NC Becky says:

    goodness – are you sure you only have one sweet baby boy nesting away. Looks like you grew some more overnight! you look great

  2. Lara Brown says:

    Gosh, I love reading about your adventures!! I need to get out more on the weekends with my 6 year old. People are LUCKY if they get you as a stylist!! Fingers crossed for myself. 😉

  3. So cool that you are a Stitch Fix stylist! How fun! Poor Baker with her eye! My nephew is allergic to mosquito bites like that and it's awful!

  4. We LOVE that pumpkin patch. We pack up the kids and go once during October…I would go back each weekend, but my kiddos are good to just go once! Haha…maybe it's because I make them take 400 pictures while we are there!
    Beautiful family and I love reading about them!