summer wrap up

I’ve been without a phone for about 24 hours.. it turned into a brick yesterday morning and without my iPhone I was forced into pulling out my big camera (I have a Canon Rebel SL1) to snap a couple pictures of my girls eating popsicles on the patio.  in those sticky moments, I realized that summer is all but over.. here we are back in the swing of life and routine.. and having an actual bedtime for the big girls.  we got awfully relaxed on their schedule this summer and they frequently stayed up past 9pm on non-weekend nights making their new 7:30pm bedtime a rude awakening.  I started thinking over these last couple months and I cant believe how much has happened.
time is fleeting! 
I mean, look at this big girl’s sweet face!  she’s changed so much!  
how can she already be a whole year old?! 
we kicked off the summer early before the weather was scorching with a trip to the zoo!  
the big girls LOVED it and Baker was just along for the ride.

 we made a stop at the summer art festival in southlake- I sort of love my kids with paint on their face.
 viva la Mexico, ya’ll.  we took our first trip solo since the twins were about 8 months old! it was THE best time with my man.
while auntie and uncle J got a taste for life with four kids.
we had our first sno cone.. Baker loved it.
 made a trip to the ballpark with our favorite people

 and Baker took her first boat ride
 ..and celebrated the 4th for an entire weekend with family + our closest friends, swimming, big fireworks and one million glow sticks.

 speaking of celebrations.. Big G turned ONE!! 
Baker found herself a drink at Starbucks..
(blended whole milk!)
 ..and Oscar found himself a home- he was the perfect addition to our family! 
 we ended the summer with a bang.. a baby.  BOY! for Andrea + Sonny
..and a night out with the big girls! GAH I cannot get over the cuteness of this picture.
 ..and it wouldn’t be a recap without the million and one pictures of my kids in their bathing suits.
while fall is definitely my most favorite time of year, the fun we have had the last couple years puts summer at the top of my list for greatest memories had, ever.  
summer 2016 was so good!

September 8, 2016


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