a few funky flamingos | halloween 2016

I’m SO excited about this year’s halloween costumes!  I decided to skip the tutus this year- after three solid years of tutus we needed a change.. didnt stop me from dressing the sweetest Hamburgalar Baker in a cheeky tutu from trevi ave co for our trunk or treat party on Sunday, tho.  GAH she was so CAHyoot!
back up a couple months to when I was first introduced to p and the lion.. Britt came across a photo of a couple cuties wearing these AMAZING leg warmers and well made leotards and I was determined to figure out how in the world to use all of this and come up with one amazing and super fun costume. 
alas. the “whimsical flamingo” idea came to life.. which I still had no idea what I was doing but I was going with it, ha!
hot pink leg warmers
black and white striped leggings
..and these AWESOME handmade felt wings.  there was a flamingo cape I had seen on IG and was searching everywhere for for them to wear that or something similar.. but you guys I’m SO glad I went with these wings instead.  I did end up finding those capes on the clearance rack at Target for like $5 bucks, but they would have covered up with detail of the ombre fringe of the leotard, so these wings were perfect!
high waisted boomers
..and the perfect topper: a mini crown made with orange glitter for the flamingo beak. 
because this is halloween.. they are f u n k y and whimsical flamingos, after all:)  anything goes when it comes to costume building.  so even if it was a total mess in my head, it turned out so cute anyway.

taking my girls around the neighborhood this year is going to be SO FUN- Baker is really into carrying the bucket and holding it up to anyone in her little space to fill it with goodies.  Jolie has been asking me to wear her leotard every single day since we tried them on, and Parker is very excited to have her makeup done!
holidays are just so amazing with these babes.
Happy Halloween! 

photography: b faith photography

ombre leotard c/o p and the lion
high waisted bloomers c/o topknots + twirls
leggings // june & january
fur leg warmers c/o p and the lion

October 31, 2016

  1. Chelsea says:

    These are the cutest 🙂 Love it

  2. cute idea! and three walking trick-or-treaters… how fun!!

  3. Amazing!!! Haha I had checked your Pinterest and saw the flamingo ideas and was SO excited to see how you'd put your own spin on it!!! These are adorable and I'm so jealous, I live in Winnipeg (Canada) and Halloween costumes here always have to fit over a winter snow suit because it's normally so cold or actually snows on Halloween, I wish so bad we could do costumes like yours!! Can't wait to see what you'll do next year with a lil fella in tow- maybe Hocus Pocus= Sanderson sisters and Billy? That would be so cute! Anyway Happy Halloween Massey's, keep the cuteness a' coming!!