photo every hour | halloween 2016

an early start to my morning (actually about 4:45am) and off to camp gladiator for the next hour!
my favorite time to “work“.  after bootcamp I usually have a couple hours before anyone wakes to blog or style a handful of stitch fix clients:)
my work was cut short- she was awake so early this morning!  she’s been having the worst sleep.. teething or she’s getting sick.  and with the run that strep and all that mess has run through our house this last week it wouldn’t surprise me.  but thankfully she’s eating well!  almond butter oats is her favorite breakfast!  
my favorite time of year!  we have the fair isle stockings from potterybarn and was browsing through this year’s christmas catalog and found baby brother’s stocking!  the fire truck!  just need a name.. we are down to TWO names and just cant seem to make it solid.
it was a really low key morning. Parker made an emergency trip to the doctor on Saturday because a hang nail had turned into a major infection over the course of a week and nothing I did was making it better.. after texting with our pedi and sending pictures she literally responded with “omg, go to the ER.” SO, thankfully we avoided sepsis and started taking some heavy antibiotics and its already looking so much better, but we have to wear this gauze cast for the next week or so.   
we eat so much macaroni.  its probably Baker’s favorite food and Jolie scarfs it too! they love the Annie’s brand.. from a box. and frozen chicken nuggets.  because they love it and I have three kids and its easy. no same in that!
mac and cheese was EVERYwhere. so we threw everyone in the shower.  you can still see it all over her face:)
nap time for everyone!  the twins dont always nap, but we are still recovering from a really rough week before, so naps have been a daily thing.
everyone is asleep, so I finally got a shower! sans washing my hair, of course.
their favorite part of the entire night! getting their makeup done was the most fun.  Parker kept telling me to make sure I go every color and instructed me the entire time.
I am not one to EVER dress up.. but I borrowed something glittery from the twins’ stash this year. Jolie thought it was so silly!  this hat from little blue olive and my tee from hello apparel was just perfect for Halloween. my shorts are non-maternity from american eagle.. did the ol’ hair tie trick which works awesome with these shorts bc they are button fly and I can button them 2/3 of the way and they stay put.  no fiddling with a zipper the entire night. 
AND red lip..I am loving butter london provocative and layered with butter london gloss in pink kiss.
dinnertime!  had to get something good into our bellies before we hit the streets:)
all the babes!  we were ready to get some candy!  and I swear sweet tinkerbell had the best time.
trick or treat!  it made me laugh because at almost every house the candy givers were guessing what the girls were dressed as.. and literally three people said “unicorn“.. and I kept thinking to myself, well thats a way better idea- ha!  either way, we got many compliments on our costumes.. as flamingos or unicorns.. or circus clowns.  who knows. who cares.
maybe next year we will be unicorns:) or maybe next year the girls can tell me what they want to be!
Baker was the most amazing trooper!  she insisted on walking and carrying her own bucket the entire night- almost three hours of walking.. I was impressed with how quickly she picked up going up to each house and dropping the piece of candy into her bucket.  she held the hands of myself or Jordan the entire night, but towards the end she was reaching for her sisters.  Jolie was running far ahead with the boys, and Parker stayed close to mom and dad.
the loot!  they were dragging these buckets by the end of the night.. and I may or may not be more excited about all this halloween candy than they are.
because pimento cheese is freaking amazing.  and I was starving.  baby needed fuel. cheese fuel before a long hard night of sleep.
I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween!

November 1, 2016

  1. gah, how in the world are you waking up so early?! i'm 8 weeks and sleeping literally every second i can squeeze between two crazy toddlers. let alone not puking everywhere!! hoping i get that energy back soon!! halloween looked so fun for you all! 🙂

  2. NC Becky says:

    can't believe they thought those sweet ones were unicorns unless it was the horns. I thought your costumes were perfect flamingos. Three hours walking is a lot – we have trunk or treat here in the church parking lot and the kids just came around to our trunk to get their candy – we had over 400 kids last night- loved seeing all the costumes – a lot has changed since my kids were little

  3. mj says:

    You're a stitch fix stylist?! I love your style and haven't been very happy with any of the boxes I've gotten. Is there a way to request you?

  4. amber says:

    mj! Yes I am, and it's just the most fun job? Just request my name when you put in your special requests for your next Fix! Yippee!

  5. Tola says:

    Aww you have such a beautiful family, and your little one is the absolute cutest thing ever.


  6. Amanda says:

    When you were pregnant with B I know you said you wouldn't share baby names again, but PLEASE share the name(s). Some of us are dying to know. 🙂

  7. How exciting you are a SF stylist!! I've been doing it for a little over a year and love it! Can you style anyone anywhere? I live in CA, I don't know if that makes a difference or not? I love your style and would love to see what you'd choose for me!

  8. You are amazing 4:45. How often are you doing this and what time do you go to sleep at night?

  9. amber says:

    Chelsey! I try really hard to go at least three days/week! MWF has been my usual.. and on the days I don't get to boot camp we go for a walk!

  10. Meredith says:

    What kind of chicken nuggets do you buy? Thank you!

  11. Meredith says:

    What kind of chicken nuggets do you buy? Thank you!