baker bree | 15 months

we went for Baker’s 15 month check up today- our big growing girl is currently weighing in at 21 pounds and 8oz, wearing 12-18 month clothes and size 4 diapers.
..all that being said, we can still squeeze your tiny little bootie in size 6 month pants- although they are a leeeeetle short.  she’s right at the 29th percentile for weight, but she’s lost a little in the last couple months because she’s growing in length and not really in girth- I mean, those string bean legs, tho.
the last time Baker was at the doctor she got her flu shot.. and she remember.  so getting her length and weight was a NIGHTmare.  she screamed for like 5 minutes even after the nurse had left the room.  d r a m a 
she was a little wheezy when she listened to her chest, and her throat is really red- which could also explain why she hasn’t been eating well the last several weeks.. because it hurts.  mom of the year. dr. b thinks there is something viral going on right now and she even mentioned RSV- but without fever we are just going to hang tight before we do breathing treatments or antibiotics- her lungs cleared a bit when she coughed right in the middle of her listening, so thats good. 
but her ears were clear!
other news..
we have ONE new tooth this month.
..bringing the grand total to 5 teeth, which is comical.
but you surly don’t mind to gum through everything I offer you. 
your appetite was basically terrible this month, but here at the end it has much improved- you really do love to eat when you WANT to eat.  but when you are teething food is just not an option. even your favs like cereal and oats and yogurt are a no go.
..peanut butter oats, strawberries, raspberries {all fruit, really}, eggs, grilled chicken, and holy cow you can scarf some mac and cheese! 
you also love to snack: yogurt, dry cereal, granola bars, goldfish, and graham crackers
you also remind me of Jolie because I can’t keep your sippy cup of water full. suck it down like you didn’t have a swing/gulp/chug 3 minutes ago, and then you’re stealing everyone else’s sippy cups for a sip.
your motor development is definitely improving this month.
..climbing, running, walking up & down stairs, and using utensils while eating come easy to you.
over the last couple months you have started practicing your dance moves.
..this month you are definitely ready for back-up dancer extraordinaire.  
You do the shoulder lean and bee-bop like a boss.
Your few of your favorite things at 15 months: 
you’ve become quite attached to the pacifier as well as a small white polar bear your BB + Papa brought back from their trip to Europe.
legos, stacking blocks + puzzles.  you continue to come back to these toys for entertainment.
playing outside.  ALL.Dayyyy.Long.
you will stand at the door and just holler until someone lets you out.
you love anything and everything that plays music.
accessories.  bracelets, watches, necklaces, handbags.  you love them all, and you know how to layer those beads well, girl.  
pushing boxes, bags, toys {anything, really..} across the floor.  your recent obsession is with the huge water bottle in the pantry. you find it about once a day.
Face Time- omg it is hilarious to watch your face light up with animation when you talk to dad or BB and Papa on the phone.
you love, love, love your sisters. this has been a growing trend over the last couple months, but this month you really show a motherly concern over them when they are upset and want to be right in the middle of their playtime.
wrapping your legs around my waist and leaning your head on my shoulder while I hold you.
ok..that last one is probably your momma’s favorite.
outgoing, hilariously goofy, wears a contagious smile, and most of all, pretty over dramatic.
..all words that describe your personality.
easy-going, care-free and clumsy describe you perfectly. can’t turn a corner without taking a topple, which never phases you at all.
you pop right up and take off once again.
..always on the move with places to go and people to see.
toys to steal!
..a rare sighting of the top teeth:)
earlier this month we went for flu shots and while we were there Dr. Butler caught Baker just at the right time when her right eye was pulling into the center a bit.  its never been super noticeable and she had never seen it, but Jordan and I both had noticed it from the day she was born.  it wasn’t all the time or very consistent.. and it happened mostly when she was sleepy- and that day Baker hadn’t gotten a solid nap and it was 4pm in the afternoon.
this picture was actually taken the day Dr. B noticed her eye pulling and you can really see it- most of the time you can only tell her eye is abnormal if she’s looking up at you for any reason.
SO, she sent us to a pediatric ophthalmologist to get it checked out.  Baker was such a rockstar through the entire thing.. even let us dilate her eyes without so much of a fuss out of her! turns out it does pull in to the middle consistently BUT the great news is that her vision is completely normal and she will most likely grow out of it.  in the meantime we have the option to patch her left eye (the stronger eye) while she plays a couple hours every day to help strengthen the right eye.. but he also said not to stress out if she wont let us do the full two hours.  we got back in a few months to ensure that it isn’t getting worse, but everyone is optimistic that it will resolve itself.
THIS girl.  that pointed lip action she does ALL the time when she is being sassy or silly or trying to get attention.. I wish I could find baby pictures of myself doing this exact same face..
..and THIS face.  theres the lip again.  she is just something else. Baker has so many of my own mannerisms and I see a lot of her in me when I was a baby.. from what baby pictures I have. 

my precious Baker Bree.  This world is brighter with you in it, little girl.  the sweetest kisses, all smiles, and hardly any tears.  every one comments on your contagious demeanor and personality.  
you are just sweet as pie.

October 12, 2016

  1. Oh!! The picture of her driving the little car literally made my LOL! Happy 15 months sweet girl!

  2. I love her little boo outfit! And that poor little face at the doctor's office!

  3. Lindsey Reha says:

    My daughter is just a month older than Baker, and it's funny to see all the similarities between them. My daughter Addison will stand by the sliding door most of the day and wants to play outside. We're normally playing sometimes by 8 am in the chilly Michigan weather! She seems never to be cold of course 😉 love your blog!

  4. Dakota says:

    Oh my Amber she is just adorable!! I can't get over her faces haha! So goofy, I was the same way as a baby.