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I’ve gotten plenty of questions about staying fit during this pregnancy and to be honest it was something I was most excited about when I started my pregnancy journey.. before I was even pregnant.  I have never been super active during any of the pregnancies (nothing more than just walking and low impact stuff) and after doing bootcamp for several months prior to getting pregnant,  I had a great base to keep going- and I plan to until my body just cant do it any more. my belly is already feeling really heavy and I cant lay or sit certain ways, but I just have to listen to my body and do what I can.
the biggest component to my exercise routine is FOOD. food is SO not fun for me right now, and I generally love food- but now more than ever I need to make sure I am fueling my body with the nutrients it needs both pre-workout and recovery.  early in my pregnancy I was getting really lightheaded any time I tried to run or do the normal workout movements and while this is common for me in my first trimester regardless of working out or not, it was definitely attributed to my food intake on how easily I could recover and keep up with my workout. 
 many people start their early morning workout food-free- and I was totally one of them!  this is a problem because when you sleep at night your body burns through your dinner and night-time snack.  by morning your body needs nutrition to jumpstart metabolism, replace some of the carbohydrate stores used up over night and give your body energy for a workout.  there is myth that you burn all fat, like the fat off the back of your leg, if you workout on an empty stomach.  False.  you burn thought stored carbohydrate in your muscles, a little fat from inside your muscle and likely protein, which is never good.  the idea is to eat a little something carbohydrate rich before a workout.  it will help you feel better and have more energy.  for cardio based workouts an hour or less something like a whole grain granola bar, banana, some dry cereal or even part of a protein bar will work with water.  for me, bootcamp lasts about an hour or a little longer- so if you are working out for longer than an hour or going to be doing something more intense like lifting weights, cross fit or boot camp, I would recommend a little protein in addition to the carbohydrate.

peanut butter + banana 
granola bar
180-200 calorie protein bar
if not, your blood sugar can drop leaving you feeling weak, dizzy and light-headed.
all those things I am already feeling while pregnant and now I want to make my body move and be active on top of that!?  if you workout in the afternoon, it is a little easier because you have time to let food digest.  ideally have some whole grain carbs, some protein and veggies at lunch.  then mid-afternoon, an hour or so before your workout, sit for a carbohydrate-protein snack such as:

โ€‹โ€‹whole grain crackers + string cheese
apple/banana + peanut butter
greek yogurt with whole grain cereal or fruit
hummus + whole grain pita chips
1/2 of a turkey + 2% cheese sandwich on whole grain bread
180-200 calorie protein bar
be sure to pair your pre-workout snack wth 12-16 oz water.  
if you take a longer time to digest things, then maybe eat your snack 1.5 hours before the workout.
mornings are best for me to workout- getting it out of the way first thing.. because if I don’t I will have every reason to all myself out of it the rest of the day.

another big thing for me is finding maternity style and comfortable workout clothing to wear.  the weather is changing, so I’ve been wearing long pants and sweatshirts in the morning at 5am when its still in the low 50’s.  I was excited when I got the opportunity to try albion fit on for size. I have seen them all over instagram on my favorite feeds.. I even had someone recognize the logo on my pants while out at bootcamp recently.  there is something to say about that! NOT to mention, they are the most comfortable joggers I think I have ever owned.  does anyone know what I’m talking about with certain styles of jogger pants that just cut into your side?  they fit well everywhere else, but the waist makes you want to suck in the entire time you are wearing them!  
not these.  
very comfortable + adjustable waistband- I sized up in anticipation for growing with this pregnancy and probably didn’t have to.  they are 100% true to size. while they are a splurge on lounge clothes, I know- I have spent $50+ on joggers from my favorite online boutiques and those don’t even come close to albion fit >> totally my personal opinion from personal experience:)
my favorite post workout breakfast:
greek yogurt (protein) + berries (carbohydrate) + granola (carbohydrate and a little fat)
its Jolie’s favorite, too.
not Parker (clearly).  the pickiest eater on the planet.
over greek yogurt and fruit.  silly girl!
OH.. and they have their own line for the kids!  the big girls thought it to be SO fun that we were matching.
I’m so excited for the opportunity to offer one lucky winner $50 shop credit towards anything they wish from albion fit!  I know I’m not the only mama out there that could use $50 to kick their workout (or lounge) gear into shape- not to mention that cooler weather wardrobe for themselves and their babe(s)!  even better, albion fit is offering a generous discount of 15% off your entire purchase using the code: masseya

I’ll totally be using my own discount code to get a couple of these amazing sports bras + probably this hoodie

GO!  fall is here!! but don’t forget to enter the giveaway!
 ..and I’ll end with Parker puling my hair.  
nut job.
as always, thank you to Brittany for her talent in catching my crazy crew in the best light, and of course to albion fit for sponsoring this post.
joggers c/o
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October 10, 2016

  1. Lavakels says:

    That hoodie looks amazing and so does the joggers

  2. I'd love to try the dulce breathe freely tank, and the go capris

  3. You are looking cute as always! I love their line too. I love th Antigua leggings! Such a pretty floral!

  4. Kim says:

    Wow. These look so comfy.

  5. I love albion fit!! I am from the midwest and I was so excited to go visit their store in salt lake city!!

  6. I love albion fit!! I am from the midwest and I was so excited to go visit their store in salt lake city!!

  7. Love comfy workout clothes!

  8. Everything looks so cute!! And that baby boy bump is just adorable!

  9. Dranrab says:

    At Ease joggers in wine – perfect for autumn!

    Thank you!!

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  11. You are so cute! I have been wanting to try alboni fit forever. I love the Antigua leggings and the joggers you have on!

  12. You are so cute! I've always been interested in trying Alboni fit for awhile now! The Antigua leggings as well as the jogger you're wearing!

  13. Rachel E says:

    The joggers!!!

  14. Lydia says:

    So cute! I dream of Albion leggings but I simply can't justify the expense — maybe a giveaway will convince my husband ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. NC Becky says:

    love that the girls have matching
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  16. NC Becky says:

    love that you match the girls. also love their cups

  17. Stephanie says:

    Jogger love! I have a pair of their floral leggings and the fit is perfection.

  18. Stephanie says:

    Jogger love! I have a pair of their floral leggings and the fit is perfection.

  19. Brenda says:

    Love comfy clothes!! Great giveaway! Thanks

  20. Brenda says:

    Love comfy clothes!! Great giveaway!!

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    The comfy joggers and some cute headbands!

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    Comfy joggers would be very welcomed right about now!

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  28. momoftwo says:

    Love their joggers!

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    One of the biggest reasons I'm trying to get myself into a regular workout routine is because we are hoping to have another baby soon and I was so out of shape and uncomfortable the last pregnancy. I had major morning sickness most of my pregnancy which didn't help anything but when you gain almost 40lbs, it's hard not to be uncomfortable. I'm hoping this next time around that regular workouts and healthier eating will help me feel much better!

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