a week’s trip | back “home”

I’ve been meaning to sit down and recap our busy week away all day long and just haven’t had the time to load my pictures and get the words down on the screen.  we just got home from being in Austin for the first time in almost 6 years.  my parents have lived in that area for about 11 years, so Austin isn’t exactly home, but we used to visit all the time.. and in my married life this was the place I “went back home” to.. and its been awhile since we have made the trip. never with kiddos- so that was new but overall a success!  they watched movies or napped the entire time, so I have no complaints there.  we got to Nana + Duke’s house on Tuesday afternoon and spent the entire week doing everything and nothing at all.  my mom cooked A LOT and the big girls loved helping her in the kitchen, we visited the Thinkery Children’s Museum (which is AWESOME if you are ever in Austin it is a MUST for the babes!), my mom and I splurged for a mani + pedi date while my youngest brother, Sam and Jordan took the three girls to roam the aisles for hunting things at Outdoor World.. and probably the best part was when the big girls spent the night over at their grandparent’s house all week while Baker stayed back at the hotel about 10 minutes up the road with Jordan and me.. and I think the g’parent’s enjoyed it even more. it was a sweet time and a great visit.  
my dad fell in love with my crazy crew all over again, and my mom was basically wrapped around their toddler fingers. we never stopped the entire week and on the drive home no one made a single peep from the back and slept the entire drive in.  
I took about one million photos to document it all.  

time to recoup and start this weekend off right.. with an early bedtime:)

November 5, 2016

  1. Lavakels says:

    That picture of Jolie is so sweet! Glad it was a great trip 🙂

  2. Kerry says:

    I'm really loving these posts of you reconnecting with your family! It's so heartwarming to hear how your parents are connecting with the girls and vice versa! I'm very happy for you all!

  3. How awesome! I am so glad that you had a nice visit!!

  4. jood aziz says:

    awww sooo cuuuteee this little girl ❤❤

  5. You are so creative with your pictures! I love them all!

  6. Laci Murray says:

    Love that you are able to reconnect with family!

  7. erika sierra says:

    Love love love your blog! your girls are so cute!

  8. LauraSuzanne says:

    Where are your amazing jeans from? Love the pics!!