baker bree | 16 months

here we are.  sixteen months. its been a big month of change and “firsts” for this little gal.  
we were sick for a lot of this month, so dealing with that on top of a lot of change has been a little rough, but we have seen the light!  and its always this little girl.
 pointing fingers and furrowed brows during intense discussions about who knows what.
..I am always up for Baker’s explanation of why the dog is barking or a train whistled. 
while this is all in babbles and baby chatter, we are starting to catch a word here and there. (all day), MOM! which sounds more like meem, hi, di-di (which is her paci), more, fish, dog..
but no real sentences.
this month you have gone from 4 1/2 teeth (the front four plus the front right incisor) to EIGHT teeth, with number 9 and 10 on their way in. 
..those molars are NO JOKE and you’ve got four coming in at once.   
heartbreaking cries and your baby hands around your mouth as if you are in so much pain come out 2-3 times a day if someone is not carrying you around on their hip.
..I’ve learned that if I can get you occupied in something else independently, you are totally fine.
early in the month you were basically refusing everything I offered you, a true hunger strike with zero interest in anything.
..but this is typically a direct result when you are cutting teeth.
over the last week or so you are eating everything under the sun.
..we went from nibbles to shovels over night. 
pasta, turkey and cheese, waffles or pancakes and syrup, dry cereal, french fries, eggs..
your definite favorites right now are oatmeal, spoonfuls of nut butter- we just have to stop giving it to you and hide the jar of peanut butter to get you to give up on that.. grilled cheese, corn dogs, chicken, strawberries, raspberries, grapes, applesauce, milk and yogurt.
I am so thankful food is of interest to you again!

you continue to be the greatest little cuddle bug.
..but daddy has gotten his fair share of love from you this month, little miss.
NO ONE compares to your dad right now.  
your entire world could be ending with no where to turn except your mama and you will just walk straight away from me searching for your dad with giant tears rolling down your face.
thanks, sister.

anywhere he is, you are very close behind.  
all day.
you understand and pick up on things very quickly. as a whip, that Baker Bree. 
it typically takes one time of showing you how things are done, and you nail it the very next try.
..puzzles, games, actions – go get it. 
while all this is true, you have become very dramatic.
you to make your big sisters squeal in frustration after you steal their toys.
..and if something isn’t going the way you think it is supposed to, you become very frustrated and tears are quick to make their debut.
its clear that those crocodile tears aren’t ‘real‘ tears. are all smiles after a little help from mom or dad.
your belly laughter is the best when it comes from the deep.
..almost like a growl from below before bursting into an all out squeal when daddy tickles you.  
you ask for those tickles, too. matter how high dad throws you, how fast the spins, or how long he swings you, its never enough.
you’re contagious laugh is ALWAYS credited with a head toss and an open mouth.
your demeanor started to mold and change last month.
..and this month you have become this sweet BIG helper.
cleaning up your toys, unloading the silverware from the dishwasher, and above all throwing things away, anything you can ‘do’, you will.
..right down to the smallest speck on the ground, you girl, you will find it and trot right over to the trash can.  
on the opposite hand, you have become hilariously defiant. find humor in all things that can get you in trouble.
and it takes everything we have not to laugh.
you’ll walk close to the trash can and raise your eyebrows as you look around to me or your dad.
..and climb up onto the couch, with a quick peek over your shoulder to see who is watching.
and take off down the hall with a stolen toy just begging for someone to come chase you.
..and then comes the crumbling to the floor in hysterics because you’ve been ‘caught’.
your giggles are out of control cute..
and most of the time you listen when corrected.
the BIGGEST stinker of them all..
 ..and the face we get when we call you a stinker:

 the patch
I mentioned Baker’s eye patching in last month’s update after we went to see the pediatric ophthalmologist for her right eye. it has been slightly pulling to the middle, especially when she is tired, so we were advised by our pediatrician to get it checked out.  the thankfully the pulling doesnt seem to be affecting her vision at all, and its purely cosmetic (at this point), so we were advised to patch her eye for a couple hours every day while she plays or eats to strengthen that muscle.  
this sweet girl has continued to impress me with her acceptance of this patch!  I almost snorted/chuckled/laughed right in that doctor’s face when he handed me the sample patches to start placing over her eye.  there was NO WAY this busy child, the business of all three of them, was going to stop for 3 seconds to let me put this giant sticker over her eye.  
alas, I was completely wrong.

there are some days, most days really, she doesn’t mind it at all.  she lets us put it on without a fight and she plays independently while wearing the patch for the two hours thats recommended she wear it everyday and other days she whines and fusses and pushes our hands away when we try to put it on.. other days she occasionally requires her pacifier for the entire time she’s wearing the patch and is under my feet or on my hip for security about it- we usually don’t make it the full two hours on those days.
overall its going GREAT and I’m confident we are doing the right thing by strengthening her eye.  we go back to the ophthalmologist in a couple weeks for a follow up to make sure that her eye is not getting worse and we hope to hear that the patching has actually improved the muscle strength.  we will see!  she’s awfully cute while wearing, I must say:) 

Baker, you have no idea how much you have molded this family of ours.  you couldn’t have been a more perfect addition to our crew- bringing light into our world just when the Lord knew we needed it the most.  I continue to thank Him every single day for your smiling face and the glee you illuminate with every expression you give.
we love you so, girlfriend.
sixteen month photo dump

November 16, 2016

  1. her face in that first picture is just priceless!

  2. Micah Welch says:

    In the first picture do you know what the name or brand of the horse Baker is sitting on called? I've been searching everywhere for one just like that and I can't find anything.

  3. how sweet! i love reading the updates! it make me think I ought to do them for my toddler as well as the baby since there are always so many changes and moments to be remembered 🙂

  4. amber says:

    Micah! That horse was mine when I was Baker'a age- since it's about 30 years old I'm not sure you can find it, but it's made by Fisher Price