five on friday

happy weekend before Thanksgiving week!!
how is it already time for turkey?

one. thankful
this week we celebrated thanksgiving with a chicken tender + green bean feast at the girls’ preschool. I am always eager to see what creative things my girls come up with at school especially during this time of year- so many cute little arts and craft projects that Parker and Jolie are SO proud to show me. last year they made these really darling placemats- and I was excited to see them again this year!  when I went to admire Jolie’s mat my eyes welled in tears for what she is thankful for.  this girl has a great big heart, I tell ya.  they apparently talk about baby brother A LOT in class, which makes me really happy!
in case you were curious- Parker Jane is thankful for the color pink.
me too, girlfriend.  me too.
I cannot believe we have ended yet another week of November and are walking into the week of Thanksgiving!  I totally have my stretchy pants ready. 
I always skip the turkey and go straight for the green bean casserole, potatoes, stuffing.. Jordan’s mom always makes broccoli rice casserole and its gone in minutes.
this year we are staying close to home and not traveling to several holiday meal gatherings- just one! turkey day will come and we will eat, probably multiple times that day, watch football, and take naps.
probably multiple times that day:) 
what are ya’ll making for the big meal?  
classic corn casserole is always super easy to throw together..
I’ve made this wild rice casserole before and its so yummy!
you can always make the risotto I mentioned above! I am actually going to make it for our gathering because its so darn easy!  Ive made this butternut squash and spinach dip a couple times last year over the Christmas season and it was a giant hit!
I just cant wait to eat. 
reflecting back on this month and what its truly about, I’m so thankful for so many things.. including the color pink.

three. easy in the oven
ya’ll!  I made risotto in the oven this week!!  this butternut squash risotto was delicious.. and freaking easy.  I was really skeptical.. 5 minutes on the stove + another 20 minutes in the oven- how well would this actually turn out without the constant 30-45 minutes of stirring of the rice to creamy perfection. BUT I was pleasantly surprised and excited to try it again with different versions of this creamy goodness.  risotto of any kind might be Jordan’s favorite meal, so this is a giant game changer for me!  
four. more nursery things 
more progress!  this week knabe woodwork installed the custom bar wood door in the nursery.  the room is oddly shaped and there is really only one large wall where the crib and most likely the changing table will go.. but the closet door opens up onto that wall- loosing space I didn’t want or have. I told Jordan when we decided on making this room the nursery that I wanted to just take the door off and have an open closet or something of the like- I had seen on pinterest and other blogs.. and then then after many other ideas we decided together about the barn wood style door.  
there is a large window with stained brown shutters on the opposite wall of the room that match this barn door- the accents of wood will go perfectly with the style I’m going for!
 when Caitlin and Nick came to install the door they also brought this sweet little baby gift.  I probably cried.  I guess its been an emotional week for me:) 
..AND we have started to discuss paint!!  going for a true grey color in his room.  we did decide on a crib and we are picking it up next week (!!) and after dinner the other night Jordan and I swung through Lowe’s to browse color options.  this is just one of the few sample cards we picked up- I’m all ears for your recommendations!  I really don’t want yellow or green or blue undertones at all whatsoever.  there will literally be zero blue of any shade in his room, so I want to stay away from that in paint.  
fire away those ideas- please!
five. back to the basics
tired of seeing the belly, yet? I have felt really large this week. 
just saying.
THESE amazing Gap pure body tees (I also LOVE the tanks + henley’s + long sleeve crews) are on super sale.  $10 bucks for the tanks (normally around $24), and $12 for tees.  I end up getting two in most of the colors I buy mainly because I love them for both sleep and wearing outside the house. tanks for layering under anything and everything, henley and long sleeve tees for wearing under vests, cardigans, and casually with jeans and boots or sneakers! 
Use code YAY at checkout for 40% your entire purchase 
the best maternity basic I can recommend. hands down.
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November 18, 2016

  1. I would go with the gray on the right.

  2. We used Sherwin Williams "Argos" on our main level, after we originally picked a gray that was super blue. We love it! It's a perfect light gray! I can send you some pictures if you want!! Good luck, can't wait to see the final project 🙂

  3. nick knabe says:

    It was such a pleasure meeting you and your family! The barn door looks great in that room and we hope you love the sign!
    Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and do not hesitate if you have anymore fun projects around the house 🙂

    -Nick and Caitlin Knabe
    Knabe Woodwork

  4. We used sherwin Williams Repose Gray basically everywhere in our new house. It's pretty light but also a true gray. We love it! And ps. That barn door is amazing!

  5. I'm sure Jordan knows this from painting for so long, but we've had many a gallon of grey paint retinted with a touch of yellow when it's gone on the wall too blue. Almost our entire downstairs is shades of grey and about half went on too blue so back to the store we went for a drop or two of yellow and remixing! It cancels out the blues without taking it too far into the yellow or green side of things.

  6. Amazing Gray at Sherwin Williams is my absolute favorite gray. My whole house is painted this color and I love it so much!

  7. Natalie says:

    Gray is so hard! We tried to do gray in our little guy's nursery and it turned out very baby blueish. After that lesson, we found Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter and have painted our entire house in it. Great, true gray. You can search it on Pinterest and see hundreds of examples of it on walls. Good luck! Such a cute belly!

  8. Lauryn says:

    Benjamin Moore "revere pewter" it's a light true grey. There are many pictures on Pinterest of it. You can also just pick up a sample card of it and take to Home Depot and they will match it and it's cheaper 🙂

  9. Cortny says:

    Agreeable gray by Sherwin Williams is all in my house and then my daughters room is a little different gray called knitting needles by Sherwin Williams.

  10. Kelly Joseph says:

    We used Gravity in our bathroom renos! Our whole house was freshly painted a more tan color before we moved in and I wanted to go Grey but not fight with the brown tones. This was the most neutral "taupe" gray to me! We love it and I still don't see blue or yellow!

  11. Renee Garbe says:

    We went with Sherwin Williams French Gray in our son's room and it was a true gray! 🙂

  12. My friend painted her whole house behr "silver drop" and it's amazing! "Looks white in the can, but it's such a pretty grey. And a true grey!

  13. Amanda says:

    Love that door and sign! We just did our whole house in Repose Grey from Sherwin Williams. Our last house I did a couple different "greys" but they came back more blue, purple, and green. So this new house I was on a hunt for WEEKS. Repose Grey is the truest of Grey's I've ever seen. Also, French Grey was a swatch in our house as well and a total grey, but it came out a little darker than I wanted. But it was very pretty!

  14. I had my doubts on that risotto recipe really being that good, but wow! Why would I bother making risotto the old way?? My husband isn't a huge squash fan but we both had to refill the bowls. This is soooo good! Thanks for finding!