holiday gift guide | toddler (1-4 years)

having kiddos during the holidays is literally the most fun everrr.  I have so much joy in spending this time with my girls and the magic of the season. I get a little hyped up about all the shopping and browsing and decorating.. 
and eating..
my girls have really changed their interests over the last 6 months. I feel like Baker doesn’t care about all the age appropriate toys and activities, mainly because she just tags along with the big sisters all day and wants everything the two almost 4 year olds have.  and the twins are getting into things that I am completely clueless about.. obsessed with shopkins and after staring blankly in the Target toy aisle, and clearly looking lost, I had a polite mom school me on these tiny toys, which helped a lot, actually.
for my 16 month old, I kept her Christmas list simple.  I wasn’t super worried about getting

her a ton of new toys- we still have so much from the twins,
even after donating buckets and bags of toys.  we do have lots of Little
People toys and the big girls still love to play with them! when I came across
the farm house I thought it would be perfect for all three of my girls.
a couple weeks back at a birthday party the little girl got
one of these beat belle toys and Baker basically confiscated the toy for the
entire time- so I added it to her list!  this toy is apparently super
popular this season, and I was excited to snag it on sale recently at Target.
there are always jammies on our Christmas List- and HOW
is this pom beanie?!  baby Gap, you KILL me.
if you are looking for a couple of gender neutral gifts, you
can never go wrong with the B. Blocks – I love this brand of toy, and the
Tickle Monster book set is a giant hit in our house.  Auntie got the twins
this set for Christmas when they turned a year old and we have never tired of
this silly book.
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for the big girls.
arts + crafts. building. coloring + painting..
you name it and my big girls are way interested.  I
randomly grabbed a couple of new coloring books while picking up a few more
sets of lights for the tree at Hobby Lobby and their day has started and ended
with these coloring books for the last four days.
sticker books and an awesome mosaic activity book I saw on
Amazon while browsing for artsy things are definitely going into their
stockings this year.
Parker somehow picked up the interest in building legos..
not the big blocks like I would expect, but the tiny little lego pieces that I
have stepped on and bruised the bottom of my foot about a million times over
the last month or so.  I grabbed a big box of lego juniors at
Costco and have since seen it at Target for a great deal.  how awesome is
it that there are legos for girls??  we did not have that option when I
was a kid.
on that same note, floor puzzles are a big deal in our
house, too!  Jordan has such a fun time putting these puzzles together
with his big girls- and Jolie is remarkably good at them!
AND- baby gap.. once again.  do those slippers
come in my size??

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November 30, 2016

  1. Cassidy says:

    My mom got my son the Little People farmhouse for his first birthday, and a year later it's still one of his favorite things to play with! They make a big tractor with a wagon that the animals can ride in that is also a huge hit.

  2. Tia says:

    Thank you for the gift ideas! I just bought four tickle monster books and knocked these gifts off my list.

  3. Kristin says:

    Do your girls have Magformers? They are the best toys, my 4 year old and 2 year old girls both LOVE them! They inspire so much imagination and they don't require batteries (bonus!!)

  4. Those gift ideas are brilliant! I love those slippers (but we have about 5 pairs knocking around the house and a barefoot 2 year old) and I've been eyeing up that Disney Princess register for a while now. Thank God for the child being born in February so if (when) I overbuy at Christmas I can always keep them for her birthday! I've just published a gift guide too and I'm glad we both covered similar things, especially the Shopkins craze. I still don't understand what's so great about them though lol.