december first

december first marks the start of so many FUN things.

the start of the list of all the delicious recipes I have pinned on pinterest in hopes to make for the Christmas season.
baking everyday!” is the plan.
reality is that I’ll end up picking up one of those betty crocker bags of sugar cookie mix two days before Christmas.  my mom used to make these amazing homemade sugar cookies; dolloped with homemade buttercream icing and I was in charge of the sprinkles and decorating them.  our counter tops would be lined with dozens of these cookies for family and friends and teachers.. and santa! of course!  I would love to recreate that memory and tradition with my girls (and boy!)

our home in constant twinkle- I always get a little sad at night when I am shutting the house down and the tree and the mantle and the kitchen lights have been turned off the first time in 14 hours.  morning cannot come soon enough!

Parker and Jolie celebrate a birthday! the twins will be FOUR (next week!) and these two girls that made me a mother have allowed me to grow and learn and change in so many ways- more than one would expect a couple of four year olds to do.  plus, party planning is my j.a.m., if you didn’t know.

we will make several attempts to visit santa claus before deciding on yet another screaming + terrifying photo of my children.  part of being a parent, I suppose.

christmas music all day er’day. we all know Parker’s love of Jingle Bells and she about has a stroke any time michael buble starts his crooner voice for that song on my Pandora playlist.

cool crisp mornings.. and afternoons on the playground requiring a beanie + jackets.  now if only Baker would get 100% on board with wearing a beanie we would be great.  
I don’t know where I failed with this child and her headgear.

hot cocoa runs through the starbucks line- because mama needs the coffee and the big girls deserve something, too!  jolie loves hot cocoa and Parker loves it about half the time.
shopping, shopping, shopping!! we put money into a savings account we call the Christmas Fund all year long, so on the day after Thanksgiving when that money is automatically dumped into our checking account- let the present buying commence!!  my mailman loves me throughout the year, but he really loves me when he comes to my door with a load of packages every day.  Jordan just stops asking by the first week in December.
Mickey Mouse Christmas and Polar Express quickly become out favorite movies and we watching them over and over and overrrrr throughout the month.  
covering the cabinets in our kitchen with the christmas cards from family and friends we receive.  I leave them up well after Christmas and keep them in a plastic bag with the year on them- its so fun to look through the cards from years past when we are pulling out the Christmas decor for the next year.  
speaking of cards..among my top Christmas card photo contenders:
nailed it.
happiest December First!

December 1, 2016

  1. Such cute photos in their matching jammies! I love getting Christmas cards too! I save them and it's always so fun to bring them out the next year and look at them!