five on friday

one. twinkle twinkle
last weekend we started the process of decorating the house for the holidays.  it is definitely a process!  thankfully I had the hubby graciously hang the garland on the mantel (because that thing is heavy!) and fluff and light up the tree for me.

we also got the twins their very own tiny pink tree for their room this year!  it is so stinking cute and they LOVE it.  besides it was less than $10 at Hobby Lobby so we couldn’t resist. 
two. chicken parm in the crock pot!
it was another delicious pinterest win for dinner this week!  I posted a picture to my insta story and had so many people ask for the recipe.  I made it on a whim because I happened to have all the ingredients on hand and I finally felt like I could eat something different than cereal for dinner..
it will definitely be in our rotation this cool weather season!
the Ragu pasta sauce makes it a little sweeter than what I would normally prefer for chicken parm, but the saltiness of the parmesan balances it out.
check out the recipe HERE and thank me later:)
AND while you are at it.. let me know some of your FAVorite crock pot meals.  I’m down for anything easy.
three. sister love
we went out and about last weekend for a bit of Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving and just had the best time.  the girls were in such great spirits and it was just the five of us for the entire day.. Parker and Jolie have really started to included Baker in everything they do, and its basically making my heart explode.  Parker has started calling her “Bakes” and everything from coloring to blocks to playing with Barbies, Bakes has become “one of the girls”. 
this week I heard P+J talking about how much they love each other. and their little conversations and the voices just KILL me.  never gets old.  ever.

I love this picture.. until I realized Jolie was playing with chewed gum she found on the ground.

four. makeup by Jenna
girls night this week was FUN. my friend Jenna has been giving me facials and doing my brows for years and she has recently gotten into professional makeup and hosts classes to teach the basics.  ya’ll! I learned how to contour. and have a much better understanding for what all these different shapes of my brushes are used for:)
I’ve got her on the books to glam me up for my maternity photos next month and it wouldn’t hurt to see about making her travel to the hospital on D Day!
too much?
five. holly jolly fitness

camp gladiator is offering BOLD members a special code that can be redeemed for a free camp in January.  Jordan and I both LOVE CG and I have been able to continue working out through this pregnancy and really have seen results and friendship come out in our commitment to this bootcamp.  shoot me an email me if you are interested! you wont regret it!
see my other posts about CG HERE and HERE.

Happy FRI-YAY!

December 2, 2016

  1. Yum I need to try chicken parm in the crock pot! Sounds delicious! Love that little pink tree!

  2. Chelsea says:

    I need to make that in my crockpot.. Looks so yummy.. You are looking so darling

  3. Kristin says:

    Not a crockpot recipe, but it's so, so easy and really delicious, something the whole family will eat (kids age 2 and 4):

  4. Biancadoes says:


  5. "Bakes" oh my gosh!! That's just about the cutest thing ever. #hearteyes