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I just realized that this post is full of FOOD.  that’s what life lately has been about, apparently.. complete chaos surrounded by food.
truth be told there hasn’t been a ton going on outside of the day to day shenanigans of managing three under four and growing a human over here.
some days its just about surviving without a complete meltdown and other days are really amazing. 
the usual:
food. cartoons. food.  target.  starbucks.  and about 800 color pages and arguments over the pink crayons.
Oh and lets talk about Baker’s obsession with climbing on top of everything.  I turn my back for three seconds and she’s on top of the kitchen table helping herself to all the pink crayons in the box and driving her big sisters insane.
my fridge is full of uneaten leftovers and my kids are living on hot dogs and chicken nuggets.. and the occasional box of mac and cheese.  but its the “healthy” organic kind..and I bake the chicken nuggets, so that makes it all better- right?
most of the time we end up eating cereal or toast with peanut butter.
I also have been telling myself that I’ll put away the laundry that’s been folded on top of the dryer for, oh, about two weeks.
taking a nap in lieu of these household chores sounds so much better.

 last weekend we met my brother and his girlfriend for brunch..and omg. it has been a minute since I have had brunch THIS amazing. chicken and waffles is probably my favorite thing on any brunch menu (its a southern thing, for sure).  the chicken had a bit of sriracha spice and the maple syrup was just the right amount of sweetness.. I’m still thinking about that meal a week later..

 …oh and pancakes as big as yo’face!  these were on the KIDS menu!  c’mon. 
as you can see, miss Parker Jane cleaned that plate.
 there has been a lot of baby brother talk.  Jolie caught me getting out of the shower and casually, with a tiny bit of fear in her voice, said “that baby brother going to come out of your tummy YET?!!”
we spent almost the entire weekend in the nursery organizing.  I’ve mentioned before that his room is the smallest room in the house and the closet is even more pitiful.. but Jordan spent so much time in there this last week rearranging and adding shelving and rods to make the best use of that space. He also finished redoing the changing table.. which used to be a mint green chalkboard paint color with broken drawer pulls and a bottom drawer wasn’t usable. and alas.. a little sanding and bright white paint.. and new copper pulls I found at hobby lobby at 50% off and we have a brand new piece! there is a door that goes over the open shelving you see on the right.. but the hinges of that door were also painted mint green:)  so we need to switch those out, but I kind of like the open shelving idea.. if I can find some wire baskets to fill the space? what do ya’ll think?
finding baskets is my goal this week  I want to have baskets on the shelves regardless (for diapers and wipes and those baby essentials because the drawers will definitely be used for his clothes), but with or without the door..?
decisions, decisions!
 in the meantime we will be folding all the tiny things because the girls, especially the big girls, can stop wont stop..
and Baker’s hat.  child kills me. I’m sort of bummed we are basically having the most mild mannered winter ever, but 50 degrees can still warrant knit hats. 
knit hats with giant poms. 

 ending this post how it began.. with food.
sunday dinner this week consisted of leftover crock pot salsa chicken + a bit of shredded cheese + some kind of bulgar grain mix I had left over in the fridge from lunch last week.. rolled into a corn tortilla. oh and tomatillo hot sauce and + sour cream.
survival of the fittest.
here’s to a happy Monday!!
..about how I feel about it, too, gals.
that bed head is something fierce.

January 30, 2017

  1. Well all the food sure does look delicious! I live in Philadelphia and I've never had chicken and waffles, but it sounds amazing!! I think I need to make a visit to the south! 🙂

  2. Krcat says:

    Thank you so much for the beginning of this post! I try so hard to make a nice, decently healthy meal for my family but having 3 under 4 myself it's just impossible! This one won't eat, this one liked it last time but doesn't now etc etc. So I've been resorting to hot dogs and chicken nuggets (the organic kind) as well…nice to know I'm not the only one!! Krista

  3. I agree with Krcat – thank you thank you for being real about feeding young kids! My daugther is so picky, and with baby brother in the mix now, I just give up most days. As long as I get calories in her and it's not 100% candy, I let it go! And I convince myself her chewable vitamin is doing some extra hard work too! I truly enjoy the realness of your posts, unlike a few other bloggers that live in your same area of the metroplex 😉

  4. I agree with Krcat – thank you thank you for being real about feeding little kids! My daughter is so picky/uninterested in food and with baby brother in the mix now, most days I just give up. As long as she has some form of caloric intake that isn't 100% candy, I let it go! And also convince myself her chewable vitamin is doing some extra hard work for her too! ha! I truly enjoy the realness of your posts unlike some other bloggers in your same area of the metroplex 😉 Kudos to you.

  5. mmm those chicken and waffles look amazing!!