feeling festive on february first

I just handed the girls three giant bowls of popcorn and then realized its 6pm, which is dinner time apparently.. SO, popcorn for dinner it is! fiber and whole grains.. maybe I’ll throw in some string cheese to balance out the food groups. makes me feel better.
it is also February 1st!  these kind of holidays can be whatever you make of them.. I personally appreciate any time that we can adorn ourselves in festive jammies:)  the big girls are old enough now that planning preschool crafts means a lot more of them than me doing the “work”.  after searching pinterest I found some really darling activities to do with them to celebrate love day.
but first!  how about a flashback to these tiny babies this time last year?!
we still wear these “olive you” tees a year later and when Katie announced this year’s ‘olive you’ tee design I about died for the grey + pink combo. 
oliveeeeee them!
here’s a handful of other cutie pink + red + hearts things for a little February inspiration
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as for those preschool activities that I mentioned above, pinterest to the rescue.  while I’m afraid that I’ll never have an original idea again, I appreciate every single pin for things/occasions like this!
..and for recipes.  and decor ideas. and clothing inspo.. 
anyway! I’m totally digging the originality and EASE of these valentine’s shaving cream hearts.  how cute and festive are they?? Baker might even be able to hop into the fun with a little help from her mama. I also might get crazy and try these rainbow heart sun catchers or bust out the paint I have hidden away for a rainy day and recreate these valentine pom pom painting.  I could also just skip the paint and make homemade valentines day play dough.. anyone ever made their own play dough before?  I haven’t and I’m just curious about the success rate of these recipes:)
speaking of f o o d! I’d say these cupid floats are good all year round and maybe tomorrow we will have this valentine’s day s’mores popcorn for dinner instead of the regular old stuff:)
Happy February First, friends!  

February 2, 2017

  1. Lavakels says:

    I've made homemade play doh lots of times, super easy and fun and it makes way more than what you can buy. Go for it!