33 weeks + big sister girls

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I’ve got almost five and a half pounds of baby in this serious belly I’m carrying around. 
after my OB and sonogram appointment earlier this week, Brady has gained 8 ounces in like 5 days.
this boy is going to be a chunk and I can wait to smooch those cheekies.

 I wrote my big girls a letter on the eve I went into labor with Baker..  I had no idea after and posting it I would soon be on my way to becoming a mama to three girls just hours later.  it kind of gives me anxiety to write about it now because Brady is NOT allowed to come yet.  
although we are over the moon in love with him and are literally counting down the days!
6 more weeks!!

in writing that letter I wish for them to be able to look back and hopefully feel the emotions their mama had for them as they stepped into big sisterhood.  
reading our letters to Parker and Jolie over again as I prepared this post got me all teary eyed and emotional- they were SO little and so much change has happened since then!
(you can read a letter to the big sisters, HERE
they have done an AMAZING job and my/our pride for them is overwhelming to say the least.
so many sweet characteristics have come about between the two of them since their baby sister was born- part of that, of course, has come with their age (they were SO tiny!!) but I also think a large part has to do with their role as big sisters to their Baker Bree.  

 this girl embodies more grace than any one I know.  I, as the adult I feel like I am, could learn a thing or two from her.  
she also has SO MUCH  love. first thing out of her mouth in the morning is “where’s Baker” followed by “..get me my chocolate milk..”  the moment Baker wakes she wants to be near her, hold her, cuddle her, squeeze her face so tightly (maybe a little too tightly..?).  Parker finds such joy in the little things with Baker and includes her in everything she does.
if I’m being honest, to see her develop and grow with such a nurturing characteristic surprised me.  my tomboy that cares nothing for baby dolls and would rather be playing with sticks and bugs or following her daddy around with the water hose is the biggest mother hen in this house.
its carried over into her other interactions (with kiddos at school) and I definitely attribute this development to her baby sister at home.
even though she showed a big interest in her new baby sister, she continued life as usual pretty quickly after Baker was born. she didn’t seem to mind that Baker needed a lot of attention.. and just carried on with her laid back self as she’s always been. but as Baker has gotten older and more interactive Jolie finds the fun. 
Jolie IS THE fun
the most carefree and life loving little girl, she is. and Baker knows it.
playing chase around and around the kitchen island.
pushing her in circles on the big trike because Baker cant reach the pedals..
singing, counting, yelling and dancing in the car.  their seats are right next to each other, so they tend to play a game of “pass the puppy” to which the backseat explodes with laughter and giggles.
like Parker, Jolie also has the sweetest grace with Baker.. not just anyone gets their hands on Jolie’s Puppy and she hands it over to Baker (for the most part) pretty freely.

I know the future may hold sister girl fights over clothes and makeup and who’s turn is it in the bathroom all three of them will share (Lord help us..), but they are both are so gracious with their time and space and definitely have more patience with their little sister than I have on most days for all three of them.  I know in the stage of life we are in right now they screech and scream over Baker taking their toys or demolishing their block towers, making those days the ones that they just aren’t very good friends. but they still love her so.
Baker just smiles from ear to ear when she sees her sisters, and always looks for them when she hears their voice.  play time is outrageous and loud and the joy that all three of them have when they are together is unreal.
even though I’m her mommy and Jordan is her daddy, I have a feeling that those big girls are Baker’s favorite people.
..which brings me to this baby boy that is due for his arrival soon..
they talk about baby brother all the time.
they get so tickled when they get to feel him roll around in my belly.
they ask to sit/play in his room at least twice every day.
they just cannot wait to meet him.
after watching them transition so well when a new infant invaded their space, I know that they will have the same love, enjoyment, and grace towards Brady as they do with Baker. 
to think that I get to do this transition of new life with my big girls over again as we did with Baker makes me so excited. this time with a little brother.
so unreal. so unfathomable.
straight from my dreams.
the countdown is on.

February 9, 2017

  1. Jenn says:

    Y'all are too cute! It's so rewarding to see your big kids be the best big brothers and sisters. You have such a wonderful crew, and I know they're all going to welcome their little brother with open arms.