photo every hour | spa day + then some

slow to start.. I could have slept until noon- I say that to myself every single morning as I roll out of bed.  
but I had amazing plans ahead of me and was so excited to get the day started!
with coffee of course.
I am SO ready for the start of my spa day!  Brittany picked me up at 9:30am and our first stop, naturally, was Starbucks.
you can snag my tee here and my yoga pants here
we have arrived!  the entire spa requires that you do not wear shoes, as well as required “uniforms” on the second and third floor of the spa (the most flattering t-shirt and giant workout shorts you can imagine).  we had a locker for our shoes right when we entered and a separate locker for our other belongings after getting settled in the women’s only bath and lounge area.
it was just the beginning of the best day!
about to hit the hot baths!  there were rooms upon rooms and hot tubs upon hot tubs.  it was amazing!  there was very very very strict rules on the usage of your cell phone in certain areas (especially in the woman’s bath and locker lounge) so we were very careful when and where we used our phones.  I was bummed not to be able to take more detailed shots of all the fun components of spa castle.
but here is a close up of our faces, instead:)
our scheduled massages were from twelve to one, so I missed that hour to snap a photo because I was half asleep and getting the best prenatal rubdown eva.
there are three or four restaurants to choose from, but sushi was on our radar.
I ate this giant seaweed salad, too and haven’t stopped thinking about it since.  the dressing is my favorite part.. and the fact that the lettuce leaves are always soaked in it.
hiding in the handicap stall (ha!) to snap a pic of my adorable + super comfortable maternity suit from kortni jeane!
you can find my top here (which is non-maternity) and maternity bottoms here
out to the baths again for (virgin) bloody mary drinks and to soak until our next appointment.
pedicures time!  my feet needed it so bad and the reflexology massage was outstanding. 
I need one of those every single day.
there’s a peek at those super awesome spa uniform shorts:)
it was such a good day, but I definitely missed my babies!
looking for one last touch to the nursery. before dinner we made a stop at world market and tested all the comfy chairs..
..and then onto home goods. 
my child.  thankfully the place was dead on a Saturday night:)
dinner!  finally!
daddy + his babies
final coat to the wood work + door in Brady’s nursery!  Jordan worked all day in here while I was gone.  the crib + changing table are bright white and it made the other white details in the room look yellow.  so Jordan fixed it right up.
I had a couple stitch fix clients to style before heading to bed.. but I fell asleep within 7 minutes of getting comfortable on the couch.

February 6, 2017

  1. Ashley D says:

    Such a fun day! Love love love the sign above the door!

  2. Kristin says:

    Tell me details about your tote bag!!

  3. What's the paint color in the nursery?

  4. what a fun and relaxing and busy day!

  5. Brittany says:

    Love your blog! It's obvious you put good time into posts! Just the right amount of fun, reality, inspiration and solidarity ?? ( I've been reading since Baker was about 4 months just never commented until now).

  6. Jenn says:

    Now I want to schedule a spa day with my girls! It looks like you ladies had so much fun. Glad you got a chance to relax before Mr. Brady shows up.