Parker + Jolie’s big girl room

well, its about time.
when I was pregnant with Baker, Parker and Jolie officially came out of their cribs and we transitioned them into two twin size beds around age two and a half.
..and that was the end of their “big girl room”update.  
at the time I didn’t feel the need to change out a bunch of things and completely update their room on top of decorating a nursery for a third baby girl- they were pretty young and outside of the beds they still fit the style of their nursery considering their age pretty well.  not to mention that the transition to “big girl beds” was HUGE excitement for them and for all of us, so we left it at that.  
fast forward to about a week ago.. Jordan, whom secretly surfs + pins via my Pinterest account, caught a wild hair to “build the girls a bunk bed“.  we go through this a lot.. Jordan thinks of amazing things, we sit on the idea for a week or two, and then we move on.  
not this time.  
to give him more credit- we have been talking about doing this for a solid 6 months, at least.. so it wasn’t a complete shock to me when we finally decided to pull the trigger on the plans.
currently our garage is stacked with wood and cluttered about with his large tool collection, skill saw and sander.  not to mention that we have made about 63 trips to Lowe’s over this last week to pick up/exchange/remeasure for these amazing beds he’s going to build our big girls.
image inspiration via pinterest
I, for one, am SO excited about this.  their room isn’t very big and has always felt somewhat smooshed together because, well, when you throw two cribs and now two beds together in one space it could seem a little cramped. 
Jordan is painting the bed a white wash color.. the room will remain the same as far as paint goes.  it is a purple/periwinkle color and I, for the life of me, cannot remember what in the world the color or brand is to share!  maybe Jordan remembers.. 
their room has always been a coral/gold/mint color scheme, and since I absolutely love it we aren’t changing that one bit.  even better, we can keep a lot of the same decor going into their “new room” that we had in their nursery.  
image inspiration via pinterest
 their dresser was originally bought in a black and silver checkered pattern (seriously).. we painted a coral color over top of that and then did an antique white crackle paint overlay and distressed the edges so the coral would peek through here and there.  I have decided I want to repaint their dresser again with a mint color chalk paint and replace the coral rosette pulls with a copper handle pull instead.
image inspiration via pinterest
since we are opening up a TON of space in their room by putting the bunk bed on one wall, I’m going to do a collage of (big) girly things and updated pictures of Parker and Jolie on the opposite wall framed out with a giant mirror.  it is currently GOLD, like gaudy gold, and hanging in our bedroom.  I’ve been looking for something different to hang in our room, and completely getting it out and putting it in the twins’ room instead will motivate me even more to get on that. 
a little white spray paint over the gold frame and letting the girls enjoy it in their room sounds so much better, anyway.
maybe get a few chairs and a little table for them to play at?  
eventually that space could be filled with a school desk for homework or art projects??!
no. I can’t go there yet.
not yet!
I cant wait to share the girls’ updated room!  Jordan should start building this week- Jolie is already sleeping on her mattress on the floor!  so we are ready to rock and roll!
stay tuned!  I am so excited to be doing this for our first ladies:)
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February 20, 2017

  1. Liz Jo says:

    Oh I'm so excited to see your new room for your twins! I have a girl and she's about 2 years younger than your twins and we are getting ready for transitioning some of her room before we have our next.