preparing for baby with evenflo

time if flying. 
I feel like it was just weeks ago that I was taking pregnancy test after pregnancy test (albeit, sometimes twice a day during that first trimester) in complete disbelief that I was pregnant.
and now here we are with all these baby boy things filling our front room, coming together as an almost finished nursery in preparation for his arrival in just a handful of short weeks. with every doctor’s visit and repeat sonogram I’m reminded with how quickly he’s growing and what little time is left before I actually get to hold a newborn.
the best snuggles and squeaks and baby smells of his head.
early in my pregnancy, after finding our we were indeed being blessed with a baby boy, we talked about how we should probably invest in some baby gear that is generally directed to being more masculine.. a car seat with a pink canopy, floral crib sheets, and the bright purple seats of a stroller weren’t going to fly for this Massey babe.  so many things have changed since welcoming the girls 4 years ago- the styles and plethora of trendy baby items available are amazing and nearly overwhelming. thankfully there are brands that remain constant and familiar to this 4th time mom over here.  I was so excited for the opportunity to fill our newborn stroller needs with the Pivot Travel System from Evenflo.
my absolute favorite feature?  well, that full coverage canopy option basically sold me at first sight.
other strollers I have used with my newborns go from the common car seat option to toddler seat, which leaves me with that weird middle space when they are too big for the infant cars seat but not big enough for the toddler feature just yet.  having the ability to be able to take my baby on a walk and allow him to snooze on his back while doing so seems like a nice option to have! 
my plans for post-baby include getting back into the swing of bootcamp again and they happened to get a new group started in my neighborhood!  I can just walk him right up the street in his new stroller and let him sleep while I get in a good 60 minutes.
..well.  that’s the plan, anyway.
Brady might be laughing his way out of the womb.

another amazing benefit is the giant storage basket in the undercarriage of the stroller.  not only to fit the diaper bag, but also to fit the millions of other toddler trinkets and toys and purses- AND snacks and sippy cups that the twins and Baker cannot live without while we run errands.  I swear my back end looks like toys r us exploded for all the things they load into the car and fail to get them out when we return home. 

another amazing detail about the Pivot Modular Stroller Travel System by Evenflo is that it includes the Evenflo SafeMax™ Infant Car Seat.  checked that baby “to-do” off my list, too!  we have plans to borrow a carseat from Jordan’s sister that she recently used with my nephew, but we also have two cars + grandparents that might take him, so having the opportunity to be able to use more than one carseat is beneficial!  I plan to use this seat in my car and the other for Jordan and his mom.
while I don’t have previous experience with these car seats I was pleased after doing some research about the brand and overall safety of them.  Evenflo has designed and tested their seats for structural integrity at energy levels 2x the federal crash test standard and tested to simulate a side impact event and rollover event. the SafeMax™ Infant Car Seat also features an Anti-Rebound Bar that limits the amount of rebound movement experienced in the event of a frontal-impact.

the car seat snap in is also a feature of this stroller, which I’ll appreciate trying to get in and out of Target with a sleeping babe.

..hey belly.

alright Mr. Brady. we’ve got you covered in the cruise department:)

as always, thank you to Brittany for her photo snapping talent, and to Evenflo for sponsoring this post.
you can find my mama bear tee HERE // my yoga pants HERE // sneakers HERE
diaper bag HERE + car seat cover HERE
swaddle blanket HERE + personalized leather paci clip HERE

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February 15, 2017


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