strolling with oxo tot

life is about to get crazy, you guys! we are in this phase of transition when it comes to toddler-dom.. when Baker was born the twins were a bit older (at 2 years and 8 months) and were definitely ready to be out of the stroller and walking (for the most part) on their own when we went somewhere.  the giant stroller we had for the twins was awesome and met all our needs up until they were about 2-ish years old, but it was heavy and definitely not compact at all. I couldn’t get it into the back end of the car without a little oomph or Jordan just taking care of it all together. after Baker was born I stopped toting a stroller all together and just practiced baby wearing any time we went anywhere.  Baker isn’t ready for that (like, no where near ready..) and I’ll be a postpartum mess and giant puddle of sweat if I am having to chase Baker around while trying to manage a newborn AND the big girls.  
I am very lucky when it comes to the obedience of Parker and Jolie- they are, of course, a couple of four year olds and can (and do!) have their moments of breakdown and misbehaving, but they are really well behaved when we go out.  Baker, on the other hand, needs a strap and a variety of snacks to keep her busy:)
I need ease and convenience and to be able to load and unload without a lot of effort.  I also need it to be comfortable- I have tall babies and in our previous toddler stroller the girls, and now Baker, don’t fit well in the seat with the canopy folded out.  which is why I am SO excited about our newest baby/toddler product addition- the OXOtot Cubby Stroller!
the Cubby Stroller is complete with a large storage basket, large canopy, deep recline (good for babies of 6 months of age or up to 50 pounds), flip-flop-friendly brake- which makes my life SO easy, and lots of storage! the pockets on the back of this thing hold everything I need (without my diaper bag).
the wheels are large and can handle a lot of terrain.. we wont be using this stroller for much more than walks around the neighborhood or a stroll through the mall, but I appreciate its durability. 
not to mention..this bad boy weighs just about twenty pounds and has the feature of a one-handed fold when I’m ready to put it away.
I’ve always known OXOtot for their amazing sippy and snack cups as well as their feeding bundles and high chair, but the opportunity to welcome another great product into our toddler world has been more than appreciated! 
a little more about the brand::
OXO’s mission is to design consumer products that make everyday living easier. 

Throughout our history, the idea of designing baby and toddler products was brought up time and again. And time and again we focused on solving pet peeves for the place we knew best: the kitchen. But when 25 babies were born to our then-50 employees over the course of five years, we discovered firsthand the challenges and pet peeves parents face and knew we could help solve them.

 Our mission is to make every day with your tot a little easier, in every room of the house and beyond, so you can focus on the fun side of being a parent.” 

my favorite features of this stroller:
::one handed open and close (what parent has both hands, anyway??  genius!)
::the 5-point harness, similar to that of a carseat
::the peek-a-boo pocket for my phone and keys, etc.. I always end up using the cup holders for those kind of accessories and having a special place for them is definitely ideal
::the GIANT undercarriage + large pockets for all the other baby/toddler things! 
for family outings Baker will 100% still be in the stroller and will most likely be manned by her daddy while I take responsibility of baby wearing or toting Brady in our newborn/infant stroller.
you guys- I just have to say it again.. its about to get crazy!  

as always, thank you to Brittany for her talent in catching my crazy crew in the best light, and to OXO tot for sponsoring this post.

Baker // dress (similar)
chubby knot clips // loved by sophia claire
moccasins // freshly picked
Big Girls // dress (similar)
sandals //  salt water sandals
Amber // romper (similar)
tank // gap
booties //  sam edelman
earrings // kendra scott 

February 28, 2017