its baby month!!

March first.

so many parts of me didn’t think this little boy and I would make it this far.  I even had a handful of people (strangers) tell me that there was no way I was going to make it to my March due date.
but we beat the odds, my sweet Brady.
rocking chair // “sweet dreams” pillow // panda plush // leather pouf

there were talks of preterm labor because of polyhydramnios.
we took all the proper precautions in preparation for the chance that you might come earlier than planned. then there were discussions for early delivery due to the little kink in your kidney causing fluid to build up..
wooden “B” // pacifier clips

 “brady” blocks // iron shelf

but as of last week we are in the clear.  approaching 37 weeks together and you are as healthy as can be.  your kidney is “stable” and my amniotic fluid has trended down to “normal”.
changing pad cover // monogrammed nightgown // “brady” blanket/hat/sleeper

we are in the week by week countdown at this point and I’ve packed my hospital bag (the most amazing treat from gentry california!!) and we are ready whenever you are little buddy.  I talked about my hospital bag essentials HERE when I was preparing for the arrival of Baker and my bag is filled with very similar items this time around. 
I did include a gorgeous delivery robe from pinkblush– I’ve never used a hospital robe before so I’m excited about it! I’ve mentioned how amazing the blanqi support legging are in my most recent 2nd trimester essentials post HERE– you guys- I wear these OUT.  I wish I had about 5 pairs to rotate through:)  well, they have highwaisted postpartum leggings that I’ve included in my hospital bag this time around, too!
of course there will be baby boy swaddles (eep!) and an initial newborn knot hat, just like all his sisters wore before him.  a monogrammed nightgown or two..because I cant get over the fact that we named him after his daddy.
just the sweetest and most special sentiment.

 bookshelf // crib // moses basket // blanket ladder

so now we wait.  we wait for your arrival and we couldn’t be more excited to see your baby face.

kiss your chubby cheeks.
sing to you in your rocking chair all swaddled up with blankets just for you..
and lay you to sleep in your crib.
that is if I can bring myself to leave you and that sweet smelling head of yours.

March.  a birthday month that you will forever share with your daddy just like you share his name.
now that’s something special.

March 1, 2017

  1. Ashley D says:

    ?? I can't believe in just a few short weeks we will meet his sweet face!

  2. Golden Hill says:

    Yay! Its getting so close!! His room looks absolutely perfect. Love the decor and colors. XOXO

  3. i have to ask your paint color you used in his room?!

  4. I have to ask what paint color did you use in brady's room love it!