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life has been rather.. boring lately. this is my Friday version of friday favs/life lately/baby update.. maybe my last baby update?! 
I’ve hardly been snapping any photos for lack of energy and have hardly had the energy to sit still and blog about it:)  we are waiting on baby Brady and his arrival and all the things that go into getting myself, the hubby, and three littles ready for baby number four has been a bit hectic! trying to keep things relatively normal by adding in bed rest for this pregnant mama along with a couple of puking kiddos and a snotty virus that has completely overtaken the house.
sounds about right.
THANKfully the puke only lasted about 12 hours, and my mom dropped everything and took almost a month off from work to come and stay with us until after Brady has arrived.  she’s still very new to the whole “grandma” thing, but having someone just feed my kids has been a giant help so I can stay off my feet.
in case you aren’t familiar with my family story.. read HERE🙂
SO- bed rest.  last week when I made my weekly trip to the OB’s office I whined and complained about just being uncomfortable. I’ve been on procardia for contractions since about 28 weeks- same script I took when I was pregnant with the twins.. and when Walsh was measuring the fundal height of my giant belly it seized up with a hard contraction so she hooked me up for a stress test to check on these because they have become much more consistent over the last couple weeks and she also wanted to make sure Brady wasn’t in any distress because of it.
well two hours later resulted in that stress test showing lots of contractions and a ton of uterine irritability. the needle just swiveled back and forth about a million times.
after checking me out there were no signs of dilation AT ALL, which I was thankful for.  Brady could have very well come a week ago if I had actually been in active labor. 
but I wasn’t.. and I was just being a cry baby and was sent me home with orders to stay off my feet. 
another fun fact is that my OB has been out of town this entire week on spring break so.. everyday I’m praying to make it just until at least she’s back so she can deliver! 
 final preparations have been accomplished this week! I have never been so excited in my entire life.  the anticipation of meeting this boy and seeing that full head of hair everyone keeps talking about and that button nose thats so prevalent on every sonogram capture.. I can hardly sleep at night!!  bags are packed and his little coming home outfits are just my FAVorite ever!
I usually don’t bring any other clothes than what I’m going to bring the baby home in. usually I bring a couple options for sizing- my kids have all gone home in premie size, but I usually have a newborn just in case!  after birth they just wear a tiny white tee and their diaper that the hospital provides, so then just keep them swaddled up and their head covered the entire time.  to save space I just skip all the tiny baby things and bring a handful of swaddles and a couple hats to “dress them up with” during our hospital stay.  
also.  packing for three other little girls is overwhelming.
but its DONE.
final little things have been trickling in as the week goes on.  my most favorite thing right now??  this milestone board from chalk designs by me!  such a FUN way to celebrate Brady’s monthly milestones!  I did the stickers with the twins and I did the month by month banner for Baker and I hunt quite figured out what we were doing for the little man!  it even came with a chalk marker!!  
the best! 
other NONbaby things (shock!).. 
we are THIS CLOSE to finishing the twins’ big girl room. I’ve given Jordan the deadline of TODAY, ha! I’m eager to get it all put together and I want it done done donnnnee by the time we get this baby boy here:)  Jordan has been working his tail off every free moment he has, which isn’t a lot these days.  I’m so proud of him and what an amazing job he’s done with their space.
I also cannot wait to share with you guys the finished product!
another weekend is here!  always a good reason to celebrate
happy FriYAY, friends! 

March 17, 2017

  1. Man oh man, waiting for kids to arrive is just the hardest! I've only done it on the adoption front, but man I remember it being brutal. Praying for a safe delivery and for baby boy to come soon!

  2. Sarah says:

    I went to High school with Miranda who does Chalk Designs by me, shes always had that amazing handwriting!!! What a small world