parker + jolie’s big girl room | reveal!

I am so excited to share Parker and Jolie’s big girl room!  I am really really REALLY proud of Jordan for all the hard work he has put into building (literally) this space for our girls.. shout out to the most handy husband ever.  I could brag on him all day for how good everything came together!  he basically took over my twins room pinterest board and came up with the most amazing style bunk bed for this room.
you can find the original inspiration for their big girl room HERE🙂
Parker and Jolie’s room isn’t very big, but I guess when you have two of everything and something crammed on every wall space it would seem a little full.  we’ve been talking about creating a room with space saving as the focus and finally pulled the trigger.  I mentioned before that building a nursery as a first time mom was much different than what I experienced with Baker and now Brady. I was on bed rest very early on in my pregnancy (24 weeks) and didnt really get to lay hands on and plan a nursery the way I got to with the last two babes..until now!
I stuck to the same color scheme as I had originally envisioned:
lots of coral + mint green and turquoise + shades of purple
..and I added in grays + whites for their big girl update.
their bed is as big as it looks.  if we ever move from our cozy little home we will have to tear this beast down in pieces.  after scouring the internet for an affordable but decent looking bunk bed that would fit our space, Jordan finally decided he was going to build one.
from scratch.
I was terrified, because while he is very handy this kind of project is a serious overhaul! I am hoping he can remember the supplies and measurement details he used so I can eventually share the DIY for this amazing (and sturdy!) bed.  I take zero credit for the planning/style/building of this bed- it was definitely all Jordan!
I have shared my love for Beddy’s before and here I go again:)  when we moved Parker and Jolie to “big girl” twin beds before Baker was born I fell in love with the ease, durability, and “all in one“option of their bedding sets and when I decided to update their bedding again I knew exactly where I wanted to go.  not to mention, Beddy’s is the perfect option for a bunk bed.  the sleek elastic around the entire bottom edge keeps the bedding in place like a fitted sheet and the zippers on both sides allows for very easy making of the bed.  it leaves me without covers sprawled everywhere that I’m trying to tuck and fold to keep their room looking put together.
in fact.. the twins “make” their beds every morning with just the zip of the side zippers.  I, of course, help them arrange the pillows but otherwise its a very simple task for them to be responsible for.



after Jordan finished the bunk bed I gave him another handy task: building book shelves.  I confess that I have tagged and pinned bookshelves in every single nursery + playroom inspiration board I’ve created but have never followed through.  I sent the hubby a picture of a set of corner bookshelves and the next day he made that inspiration come to life!  every morning since we arranged their favorite books into these shelves I’ve come to find the girls snuggled in bed reading to each other.  its absolutely darling and brings me so much joy!


other things.. we updated this old mirror thats been hanging in our master bedroom for the last 5 years with a couple cans of white spray paint and found it’s perfect place in this room.  those large wood frames were a DIY their BB made for the original nursery and we painted them + updated the colors to pull out more of the coral in the room.  up until now I’ve had newborn pictures of Parker and Jolie hanging in these frames.  long overdue for an update!
another hubby DIY: that mini dress up clothing rack.  I was browsing to just buy one an Jordan had enough left over wood an paint from the bed and bookshelves to throw that together too..
he gets so many brownie points, you guys.
THIS dresser!  it was originally purchased at a garage sale 5 years ago and has sat in the twins’ closet as extra storage since then.  with the height of the bed on the opposite wall we thought to move it out of the closet and give it a little update with new paint and some updated drawer pulls.  most of whats on top of that dresser is courtesy of the dollar spot at target.. and after browsing for last minute details for the girls room at hobby lobby I found a tiered basket to throw their bows into. we have a few baskets in their closet that is overflowing with bows.. they have so many and I tend to just grab the same ones over and over because they are just sitting on top, but this way I can see what the options are.
I’ve sort of become obsessed with paper fans and couldn’t resist these from shop sweet lulu to finish off the final details of their room.. pulling all the colors together!





they absolutely love their new space and spend a lot of time in here playing dress up in front of that mirror and reading their books.  not to mention how BIG they feel to sleep in their “big girl bunk beds”.  I love this room!  every time I walk by I catch myself slowing a bit just to admire it a little.
no better way to celebrate becoming big sisters for the second time around than this!
photography by: b faith photography 

wall paint // benjamin moore sanctuary
P + J wood signs //  painted SW cooled blue
bunk beds // DIY
gold metallic wall decals c/o urban walls
circle star rug c/o lorena canals rugs
chic gray bedding c/o beddy’s beds
perfectly miss matched pillow set c/o beddy’s beds
throw pillows // pillowfort by target
framed P+J // hobby lobby
corner shelving // DIY
wooden toy cameras c/o willow + bass
coral + white frames // DIY (painted SW coral reef)
dress up rack // DIY
rainbow banner c/o pearl + jane
“go out and paint the stars” custom sign c/o tucker up + co.
tutus  c/o trevi ave co
dresser // garage sale + painted SW cooled blue
knobs // hobby lobby
coral lamp // hobby lobby
tiered bow basket // hobby lobby
paper fans // shop sweet lulu
“smarty locks and the unforgettable zoo” book c/o Marilyn Harary

March 20, 2017

  1. Kim says:

    Love this.. Great job. THe colors are so pretty..

  2. Jennifer says:

    I have been waiting to see their room ever since I saw the bunks in progress on your instagram feed. This is such an awesome room. We just got bunk beds for my 8yo and right now she is using her old comforter from Pottery Barn Kids. I love it and had hoped to find something that would coordinate. However, now that she has a bunk, I hate all the extra fabric and trying to tuck everything in, etc, etc. It's a nightmare! Who wants to do that daily?!? I seriously thought about getting her a ZippySack which I know she is way too old for. But YOUR BEDDING; I AM IN LOVE with it. I had never heard of Betty's Beds. Beautiful and so functional for bunkbeds! Love the gray with your color accents.

  3. chantal says:

    I love this! Good inspiration for my girls' room…I will be putting my 18 month old and my 4 year old in the same room within the next half year, and bunk beds it is! Such a pretty final result.

  4. Lara Brown says:

    Beautiful room!!!! I want one for me!! LOL!!! I have thought about getting my son bedding from Beddy's. I need to look into it. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Stang&Co says:

    This is so cute! And so perfect for little girls-so lively and vibrant! I would have killed for a room like this!

  6. I LOVE the dress up corner!!

  7. This is SO cute!!! I love it so much! I love the little dress up space – seriously adorable!

  8. Oh my gosh this is so incredibly cute!!!! I love the colors and your husband is so handy!

  9. Jenn says:

    I love how it turned out! I love custom bunk beds, and hope we'll be doing them once the kids move to boy and girl rooms.