the big girls meet brady

our sweet baby boy made his arrival one week ago today.. and it still feels like a dream.  I’m working on Brady’s birth story, and even though its probably the least entertaining birth story you’ll ever read, its a lot of emotion and a lot of words for me to form together into a single post.
 I’ve wanted to share this first meeting with Brady and his big sisters the moment we got them back from Brittany.  I’ll never forget the instant well of my eyes and burst of my heart when I saw those little girl feet from under the privacy curtain as they walked into the hospital room.  Baker was the perfect height to that curtain and squatted down a little bit and caught eyes with me.
the BIGGEST grin spread across her face as she said “hi mama“.
I burst into tears before they even laid eyes on Brady.  
my four babies, finally together for the first time.
it had been a hell of a 48 hours for me after my third csection the day before.. I was so sick and I finally got dressed out of my hospital gown and was relieved of most of my IV lines just minutes before the girls arrived but still could hardly stand.  you can see the IVs taped to my hands that remained for pain and nausea meds because I still wasn’t able to keep anything down, but these moments with my girls far surpassed any swollen face, pain, or nausea I had.  
more on those details in Brady’s birth story.. coming soon!

the big girls were cautious- they were more concerned with me laying in the hospital bed than they were the baby in the bassinet.  Baker on the other hand.. she was SO interested in her brother and I was literally floored when she was determined to lay hands on the tiny one.  that came out of nowhere and both Jordan and I continued to look at each other in disbelief.
this is real life.
Baker’s hospital pictures are still among my most favorite pictures of all time and here we are again with a handful of pictures to lump into that group of favorites.  captured memories to treasure for the rest of my life.  welcome to our clan baby Brady.

photography by: b faith photography
sleepy bear swaddle // loved by hannah + eli
delivery robe c/o pinkblush
hospital bassinet banner // hooray everyday
“b” initial hat // cotton cupcake shoppe

March 27, 2017

  1. Congrats on baby Brady!!! He is so precious! God has surely blessed your beautiful family!

  2. Golden Hill says:

    These pictures are so perfect. You look beautiful!! No one would ever know how horrible you had been feeling. Such a selfless and amazing person to be able to put aside the way you felt to have all the focus on your sweet kids. One week already! Can't believe it!

  3. Darcy Potter says:

    LOVE!!!! These photos are the most precious gifts! Every single moment is truly priceless 🙂 Congrats Massey family and can't wait to see more pics and here all about baby Brady and big sisters! Luvs and hugs, Darcy

  4. Jessica says:

    Congrats on the sweet baby boy. Even though I don't know you personally, I feel like I "blog" know you 🙂 It is obvious that you are so in love with your family and are such a sweet mama to those girls and now a sweet boy. I just wanted to encourage you and say thank you for sharing a glimpse of your life with us!

  5. Oh my gosh Amber…..these are so precious and will be treasured for years to come!! The twins look like teenagers now and Baker Bree is going to be the BEST big sister! So happy for your fam and literally blown away with how pure and full of love these photos are!!! Can't wait to learn and hear all about Brady J! Congrats again mama, all the best to you and your adorable lil fam! Xo

  6. Ash. says:

    Holy freakin hair!!! Congrats. He is beautiful. And those big sisters are so proud.

  7. Becca Fonua says:

    Amber these pictures and that sweet baby with his big sisters are so perfect! You look amazing even though you were feeling so crappy. I can't get over that dark hair! I sent baby Brady a package I hope you got it! You are a absolutely beautiful mama through and through. Congrats on that sweet little addition ❤️

  8. Lauren says:

    The most gorgeous pictures! Love it! You look beautiful!