five on friday

this week was so good.  it had a lot to do with the fact that Jordan was home almost the entire week (angels singggg!) and a WHOLE lot to do with these little people that call me mama.  Parker, Jolie, and Baker have just been so easy going and a lot of fun this week.  Baker keeps me laughing all day, even in the moments I feel like everything is taking me three times as long to do because I’m doing it one handed (with a baby in the other).
their patience, lack of (ridiculous) tantrums, and overall happy demeanor this week has offered the greatest amount of grace I could ever ask for from those three.
for the first time in almost 6 weeks I felt like I had a handle on managing life with four kids.
even though, at some point, they all contracted the worst case of pink eye have ever seen, but we kept it clear of Brady so that is one for the win column, ya’ll!
one. little mama
 I cant get over this girl.  she’s amazing.  I never want to forget her at this age.  RIGHT. NOW.
she’s blooming into this sweet and thoughtful little girl and I cannot get over it.  
her baby dolls are her most prized possession.. including her very own real live baby brother.  
..and I’ve never met someone that eats more peanut butter than me.
she screams “BUUTTAH!” from her highchair after every meal and I have to just put it away after she asks for her fourth giant spoonful.
this girl is the true light of our world.
two. thoughtful (and caffeinated) support
the afternoon my girls woke with the nastiest pink eye (like SO GROSS) Brittany texted me after dropping off my beverage of choice on the porch.
you know how when you find that person that you just kind of stay on the same wavelength?
three. impromptu family date night on the patio
Jordan worked over time this week as a medic at a large golf tournament and me and the girls were out and about ALL DAY.. Brady was there, too. still getting used to that:)
 our (amazing superwoman) housekeeper was at the house and we kind of evacuate for the day so she can clean.. she washes, dries, and folds every ounce of clothing in this house, you guys, even the sheets! if I could afford it she would live with us.  I love that woman- again, I cant claim to have it all together when I have a village of people that help me with this mama life.
anyway, she got a later than normal start and was still at the house around dinner time so we opted for pizza on the patio at the most amazing place up the street from our neighborhood.  a sunburned Jordan met us there and we just had the BEST time.  I have been thinking about that caesar salad since we left earlier this week and Jordan brought one home to me last night for dinner- bless that man.

four. home-cooked dinner on the table!
when I did my (online!) grocery shopping this week I was really hungry:)  after skimming my pinterest board I ended up deciding on a handful of recipes to make, including this REALLY yummy and really easy meal: cheesy pesto chicken + veggies stuffed spaghetti squash.  I followed the recipe exactly and decided to use parmesan and mozzarella when it called for cheese (it wasn’t specified in the recipe).  I cooked my chicken breast in the crock pot on HIGH for about two hours with chicken stock, salt, and pepper.  I normally cook my chicken on LOW but decided kind of last minute that this was going to be dinner for that night! 
I also have THIS delicious cajun shrimp pasta on the menu for this weekend.. throwing in some chicken sausage, because well I’m so hungry.
all the time.
five. our growing little chunk
 we made a (double) trip to the pediatrician this week.  one for the pink eye and the other for Brady’s one month well check. he looks great and is growing so well!  when the scale tipped to 9 pounds 9 ounces I was admittedly surprised. I knew he had gained weight and gotten bigger- for sure thought we were about 8-ish pounds.. NOPE.  little chunk gained almost two pounds in the last three weeks!
side note: I get so many compliments on this swaddle blanket- its from bebe au lait and you can find it in the swaddle set HERE
 ..and because I cant get over this baby picture of Jordan!  Meme brought us this picture of Jordan when he was about a year old while at Brady’s sip + see over last weekend.. and he’s wearing the same baby shoes hanging in Brady’s room.  SO many heart eyes! 
also. my kids are spitting images of their dad.
heres to another FRIYAY!  happy weekend, folks:)

April 28, 2017

  1. Sarah says:

    You can see so much of the twins in that picture of Jordan! Crazy. Loving Brady's little button nose… and THAT HAIR.

  2. Brady is so cute! What a bummer about the pink eye. You know you have a true friend when she drops off coffee on your porch!

  3. Jordan says:

    Your kids are so stinking cute!! 🙂 What do you get to drink now that they don't have the salted caramel mocha right now?!