mother’s day weekend at the lake

this weekend we kicked off our summer with the best possible way I could ever think of! 
the Tapella’s bought the most beautiful lake house on Cedar Creek Lake and we spent the last four days living the lazy life with some of my most favorite people and their babies on the planet.  
at our Christmas Supper Club celebration they announced they had bought a lake house.. I thought FOR SURE they were announcing their fourth baby, but I’ll take the lake house announcement to be just as great! ha! we planned that very night over wine and whiskey our first official weekend at the lake.
it was SO fun! 
I took about 400 photos over this weekend and I’ll spare you to just a sliver in comparison for the blog!  our babies have been besties since birth, Landon is the oldest at age 6, then the twins and Jacob about two weeks behind them are four.. Juliette is three and Baker and Grayson are two days apart and turn two in July.  Sarah is about 10 months old now and Brady.. and then baby Carter will be here in just a few more weeks!
we’ve sprinkled ten babies into our group over the last 6 years and I can’t believe that its been 5 years since we went on our very first trip to Cedar Creek.. Jordan and I announced the gender and names of Parker and Jolie as I was carrying two babies in my belly!
we loaded up the kids on Thursday night and headed out about and hour and a half to the lake and met Jacqueline and the kiddos before everyone else got there on Friday afternoon.  four babies and all the STUFF that goes along with them just takes a lot to do anything..and it literally took four hours of Jordan and I moving NON-stop to get loaded and out the door.  I was thankful to be able to wake up on Friday morning and already be there.. enjoying my coffee and the quiet on the lake.
 ..and lets talk about this house!!  its amazing and so perfect for our gigantic crew.  it sleeps 14, so basically we fill every crevice of this house:). 
they are already renting it to the public and you can find out more details HERE!
I brought the dockatot with us and Brady slept like a little champ, just as he does at home:)

we got this bounce house from Sam’s two summers ago on clearance and it was the BEST purchase we ever made for these babies!  they love it!

 the big kids took several boat rides- they were having the time of their little lives!  I love having these memorable experiences with such close friends and their kids.

 miss Baker hung close to the house with me and Brady

 the babies always got the chairs and the adults just ate standing up, ha!

 omg how come they look SO OLD??

 porch hangs

..and water fights!
 little buddy just hung out with the rest of us all weekend- LOVE him!  he’s so happy!
 Parker was determined to catch a fish.  she and Chris sat on the dock all morning on Saturday patiently waiting to catch something..
 ..and FINALLY!  I ran from the house just in time to see her reel it in! 
 a little catfish:)
 the best we could get of this girl and her fish!

 I got lots of questions about this float when I posted this picture to my IG stories (@masseya)
its from Costco!
 giant jenga before dinner!

 this is one of my most favorite things Jordan makes- grilled chicken with sautéed mushrooms, onions, bacon, and BBQ sauce.. topped with monterrey jack cheese and broiled until melted. 
oh MUH gosh 
served with mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus!  
 baths + brownies all around and snuggled in close to watch a movie before bed

 sunday morning we took the boat out one more time for a cruise

snapped a couple pictures of my favorite girls before we loaded up to come home

this mothers day weekend was super special shared with great friends and covered in all these babies. 
its Monday and we are already talking about making another trip!

May 15, 2017

  1. That house is beautiful! Looks like you had an amazing time. Love how proud she is with her fish!