baker bree | 21-22 months

this week I was cleaning out Baker’s closet to make room for summer clothes and came across her one year birthday book.  I spent (probably) too much time studying her little face, baby features, and the hair on her head that was just starting to fill in and curl up at the ends.  it brought back a flood of memories and sentiment from her very first year as the littlest sister- so many changes have happened since then and as we approach the END of her second year of life and I am planing her second birthday party I’m almost in disbelief that time has flown THAT fast…invites go out in just ONE month.  how is that possible?!
Baker is a big sister.  Baker is bossy.  Baker is so gentle.  Baker is hilarious.  Baker has the biggest personality.  Baker always finds the funny.. and never tires of being a clown. 
basically.. Baker is awesome.

You are fiercely opinionated, girlfriend.
..if you knew how to snap yo fingers you would be snap snapping and waving your curly locks back and forth in my face all day long.
words are coming easier to you.  
you jibber jabber all day long and we hear you saying new things every day! 
NO is a brand new favorite and your answer to everything,
you’ve been saying it for several months now.
..but just recently it seems to be in the correct context.
let’s change your diaper.
let’s go down for nap.
let’s eat dinner.
let’s get dressed

..followed by “its too tiiiight!!”
I swear if you are child number two that fights me over wearing pants I might just throw pants out all together.  save myself the headache.

it is rare to find you without a smile.

..and nothing is more sweet that the joy that fills your eyes when you are happy, Baker girl.
I will never forget that joy, love bug.
but girl, you test it.  you test everyone, especially your sisters.  just to see how far they’ll let you go. you make Jolie cry about 3 times a day.
many-a-times you scream your head off when you don’t get your way.  
..and the look on your face when you know you are being defiant. 
..head cocked, low eyes, raised eyebrows, and that bottom lip popped out. 
you know what you are doing.
..and it is the cutest thing I have ever seen..

it is SO hard not to laugh and just scoop you up and cover you with kisses!

you have definitely fallen in love with the television over the last couple months.

..Sing and Moana are your favorite go-to requests and will keep you statue still for a solid hour.  
..add in Bubble Guppies, Mickey Mouse, and Little Einsteins and we can call it a day.’ve started to spend the evenings with your sisters on the couch- watching a show and drinking chocolate milk before its time to go to bed- and how you love this routine.
after bath and jammies the three of you will cuddle together tight on the sofa and watch one show. automatically know and expect to do this and walk right up to the sofa and slap the cushion as if to tell those big sisters to hurry up and get in their place, so you can hop up in between.

I LOVE IT. and even sweeter is that Parker and Jolie love love loveeee it.

your favorite game (okay, my favorite game) is having you sit in my lap and point out my features.

..hayyyee (hair), errrs (ears), browwshh (eyebrows), eyeshh (eyes), noooose (nose).
and then for my mouth – you point and stick out your tongue.  

..haven’t quiet gotten that one mastered just yet.
you have so many new words and phases this month.
“mama WOOK!”
“mama WATCH!”
“WOOK at me!”
“BUTTAH!” (peanut butter)
and probably me and your daddy’s favorite.. “mama or daddy, where are you!?
we hear this coming from the monitor every single morning when its time to get you up.. which by the way, doesn’t happen before 9am, and a lot of times its well after 10am when I am forcing you to get out of bed.  you still go to sleep by 730pm or so every night, so you must be growing!

a few other favorites at 22 months:
running/playing in the backyard | climbing | playing chase | dance parties | hide and seek.. even when no one is playing but you.. | going to BB’s house | paci | playing dress up | baby dolls | any sweets/candy/chocolate you can get your hands on | coffee | chicken nuggets | pizza | peanut butter | iPad | movies & TV

you and Jolie have the best time playing house.  

..your mama skills are over the top, and I think it brought me to a new realization with how big you are getting when I watched you swaddle your babies in one of Brady’s baby blankets this month.
you have so much love for all your little dolls. never leave a baby behind.

carrying 7 babies and all their bottles and cups and blankets.’ve got it down.  
when you don’t, you holler and scream for assistance.
we cannot go anywhere with out your baby and her bottle.  your sisters loved the baby dolls, too- but I think you are by far the biggest little mama.
watching you with your baby brother is outrageously sweet.

“mama he crying!”
“mama he needs his paci!”
“mama, LET ME SEE brother!”
“hey sweet buddy”
the most gentle and calm big sister I have ever met.  you guys will have such a special bond and I cannot wait to watch you and Brady grow together.

you love to dance and sing, clap your hands, and twirl around like there is no tomorrow.
..but singing is your favorite.  you sing in the car, from your crib, at the dinner table.. and when people give you attention you just get louder and louder with it.

I never want to forget you at this age, Baker Bree.
you are such a sweet little helper, the best big sister, and the greatest companion in my day.  
I don’t know what I would do without you and I absolutely adore you precious girl. 
..and I love you to the moon.

21/22 month photo dump

May 11, 2017

  1. Heidi Crisp says:

    She is so precious!! Love her happy smile and eyes. 🙂

  2. Amanda says:

    So So sweet! Does she still nap?