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so theres a bit more than five items on the agenda for this Friday edition of life lately, but ya’ll – we have been SO busy!  my days are running together and my babies are changing by the second.. especially Brady that basically gains a neck roll every 24 hours and Baker clearly has bear hands compared to her little brother.  its all the “buttah” (peanut butter!) we’ve got a lot to cover, so lets hop right to it!
one. school’s out
the big girls had their last day of preschool last week!  it was the fasted year if our life and looking back, those girls have grown, changed, learned, and loved so much since last September.  the end of this year was extra special/emotional/sentimental because their preschool (mothers day out program) is transitioning to a private preschool academy.  it was the final school year as CT Kids, and I’ll admit to tearing up at drop off that morning when I hugged their teachers, Ms. Sarah and Ms. Stacey.  for that and many other reasons, Jordan and I decided to keep them out of a preschool program for this last year before they go into kindergarten.  it may seem so backwards to some, but this is the last year of these two being home all day everyday for the next 14 years!  I am still working part time and my days off are days that they would be in school- I just don’t want to miss anything, you know? we have hired a nanny to help when myself and Jordan are not there and this sweet girl is working towards becoming a kindergarten teacher and she’s agreed to tutor them for a couple hours everyday she’s there!
sunnies HERE + suits HERE + shoes HERE
 two. bootcamp
so. I started back to working out last week.. bootcamp has left me pretty sore, but at the end of my second week of camp gladiator I am feeling pretty good! trying to figure out a schedule with Brady on all this has been a challenge but we are working it out!  I am doing CGFit, which is similar to what I did in my first camp that I ever completed last June (see my progress HERE) and I’m excited to get back into the swing of it!  its amazing how out of shape I have become. I plan to do a recap in the next couple weeks!
 three. summer supper club
last weekend we met the supper club crew for pizza (and lots of wine!!).  after dinner the adults passed around a pint of ben + jerry’s and a spoon and watched all our babies run and play together in the fountains.  this was just a couple days before we welcomed number 19 to our group!

four. memorial day
we posted up in our usual spot at a family friend’s pool and played the day away in the water.  the weather was perfect and the girls were DARLING in their matching suits.  I bought the twins these exact suits in purple last year and I snatched them up as fast as I could when I saw them online again this season. AND- that poolside hairwrap?! give me all the Shelby Chic!!  she’s started to release her poolside line and I love it all!  use code PBANDJ for a discount that never expires 🙂
 the cutest yellow suits HERE
five. summer hair + baker’s first!
mama went blonde for summer.. even with a bit of silver mixed in!  my oldest and dearest friend, Angela has been doing my hair since I was 14 years old after I went to Florida with some family friends and poured about four bottles of sun-in on my hair- anyone remember sun-in?? not to mention she did up-do’s for four proms, three homecomings, a couple firefighter balls.. my wedding + all my bridesmaids.  and now she been giving my baby’s their first cut.  Baker got the last of her baby hair trimmed out this week.  
baker’s onesie HERE + shorts HERE
 girlfriend was being such a stinker.. throwing a fit over nothing at all, and therefore cried through the entire thing.  Jo was trying to comfort her.. and Parker stuck a half eaten dum-dum sucker in her mouth.. still with all the tears.

 in the end we both are loving our summer hair!  if you are local give her a shout HERE
six. hello, carter grant
I can’t believe Carter is here!!  one of my best friends, Ashley, also known as Auntie to my kiddos (and the blog), had her second baby boy this week! I made my way up to the hospital on Tuesday just a couple hours after Carter was born to get in some baby snuggles and to hug her neck.  I always get so emotional about stuff like this! the next day we brought the girls up to meet the newest little guy. they loved him just as they love Brady!   Baker is so baby obsessed- she claims, Carter as her own! sorry Auntie, but this girl is convinced that she needs this baby more than you do. 
 Parker + Jolie’s top HERE and clip HERE

 these dads and their boys!  so many years to come with these babies growing up together.  I can’t wait!! how amazing is it that our babies are so close in age? love it.
seven. take me out to the ballgame
we took Brady out to his second Rangers baseball game this week! we celebrated Brittany’s birthday at the ballpark and Brady tagged along while the girls had a sleepover with their BB and Papa.  this time he was awake for the majority of the game and finally passed out when I wrapped him up in the Solly.

 Brady’s onesie HERE and similar shorts HERE
he’s such a HAM.  I love every inch of this boy and I basically want about 4 more just like him!  who wants to sign my petition to present to Jordan in support of baby number five?
its the weekend! lets see what we can get ourselves into- see ya Monday! XO!

June 2, 2017

  1. Laci Murray says:

    Those yellow bathing suits are ADORABLE!!! Brady and those cheeks are just too much, I would want to kiss them all day! Have a great weekend!!

  2. Amber says:

    Thanks for the coupon code! I ordered a poolside tie for my daughter who is just a bit younger than Baker. This is her first summer with ear tubes, so she has to wear ear plugs in the pool. I am going to pull this over her ears to (hopefully) help them stay in!

  3. I've been holding off on putting harper into any preschool just cause I don't want to make her grow up any quicker than I have to!


  5. Dana says:

    I'm in awe of all that you are doing and how cute you always look to boot!! Get it girl!!!