Brady Jordan | 4 months

just like that, another month has FLOWN BY.  I don’t know where the time went!  this boy is the light of our lives right now!  after buzzing the wispy baby hairs on his head, I don’t even remember what he looked like before!  love his bald baby head.. and his bright smiles!  I swear he’s the most expressive baby of the bunch.

 we went for our four month well check yesterday afternoon.  our healthy baby boy gained four pounds in two months.  tipping the scales at almost 15 pounds I’d say he’s getting plenty to eat:) everything looks great on his growth charts and nothing new to report!  he is still taking Zantac and we’ve moved it to three times a day over twice (morning and night) to maybe help with a bit of fussiness when we are trying to get him down for the night. he seems to be fighting sleep right now and his morning dose of medicine is probably wearing off by the time he’s ready for bed, so reflux could be the case.. (more on that below)

Brady at FOUR months

Weight: 14 pounds 12 ounces (48th percentile)
Birth: 7 lbs 4 oz
Height: 25 in (55th percentile)
Birth: 20 in
Head: 40.6 cm (15th percentile)
Birth: 34.5 cm
I was taking pictures of Brady while we waited for Dr. Butler to come in and remembered I had taken some of Baker around this age.. turns out that they are basically twins.  I cannot believe how similar they look! 
they are both four months old in this picture.  I texted this to my mom and dad and neither realized that they were two different babies.  crazy! 

I dont remember the girls being this way about nursing. I’ve even gone back to old blog posts a time or two to see the difference developmentally and while they are pretty much on track, his eating habits are much different.  a lot of it could be out of comfort related to his reflux, but I feel like all he wants to do is nurse in the afternoons.  we’ve hit a growth spurt and he’s been waking through the night again to eat.  I also have noticed him getting hungry about 2 hours after nursing or taking a bottle.. so Jordan decided to bump his bottle by an ounce and he gobbled the entire thing!  Brady eats about 8 times a day, every three hours or so.  I nurse him in the morning and twice after I’m home in the evenings during the work week and while I am gone he’s taking three 6 ounce bottles. 
the pedi gave us the go-ahead to start solids if we wanted. I waited until 6 months with Baker, but did start cereals at four months with the twins, so I haven’t decided what I am going to do yet with Brady.  I feel motivated to make his baby food this time around and sort of a mix in solids and puree’s for the first couple months and then move into more solid foods after that.  I did a mixture with Baker this way and she did really well with it. not true BLW, but it worked for us.
P L A Y / D E V E L O P M E N T
social butterfly, this guy!  Jordan will correct me when he reads that I just called our son a “butterfly”, but its true. he is known for his coo’s and shouts from the play mat, as if to get someones attention to come play with meeeee. its rare there isn’t a sister girl in his face and I think he prefers it that way. this social characteristic also means that Brady STILL hates the car seat.  he’ll give me about 20 minutes in the car before he’s done done done with it and starts his scream/cry/sob.  there have been times when I have just reached my hand back there to hold him arm or rub his cheek and he calms down pretty quickly. such a sweet boy!  but totally wears me out with that carseat.
I was reading the wonder weeks app the other morning while feeding Brady and it mentioned that he’s in his fourth developmental leap.  this leap includes grasping and being able to see longer distances. this week he just started to grab toys and bring them to his mouth along with recognizing me and making eye contact from across the room. he is nearly rolling over to his tummy.  Brady hangs out on his side most of the time, and I have to be very careful where I leave him.  I used to be able to lay him on the bed and run to the restroom or grab a drink from the kitchen but not anymore!  he scoots himself all over the place and a time or two I’ve found him about two feet away from the play mat where I left him, ha!  get a move on, brother!
hat // seat 
hes also been able to sit up in his play seat.  one week he was took floppy to hold himself up and the next week he was sitting straight as a board! 
sleep has been a rough go this month. four month sleep regression is REAL.. coupled with a growth spurt and mama is tired.  he went from sleeping through the night.. about 9pm until 6am and back to sleep until about 8am. 
his bedtime is still around 9pm, which he’s been fighting me with everything he’s got. last night he wasn’t in bed until 10:30pm.. so basically we are all over the place and on zero schedule whatsoever. he’s waking through the night sometimes twice or three times.. last night I was SO thankful for a seven hour stretch.  but I know he was probably just gearing me up for tonight’s all night milk binge. 
we have been practicing crib naps during the day! most of the time he’s napping about an hour in the morning after the 9am feeding and then in the afternoon he will nap a good 2 hours or more.  we have just started laying him down awake and trying to teach him how to go to sleep without nursing or rocking.  its going okay- often times he will chatter for about a half hour and then start to fuss- to which I’ll go in and rock or nurse him to sleep.  we are slowing making that transition (no CIO, just for the record..).  the pediatrician mentioned yesterday that this self-soothe to sleep ability sometimes isn’t mastered before 6 months of age. so we’ve got some time.
B R A D Y 
hello bud!!  oh you just keep getting better and better. each month I think is my favorite, but four months has got to be the best yet!  you are developing such a sweet little personality and your smiley reactions to pretty much everything is just the best!  your sisters cannot get enough of your interacting with them- and even Baker comes running to tell me that you are smilin‘ in the thickest southern drawl.  you’ve become a bit more patient and entertain yourself well- cooing at the mirror on your play mat or chatting up Mickey Mouse- so darling to watch!
you are going through that “4 month sleep regression” and have taken a step backward in the sleep department- your daddy says that you miss me so much during the day that you want to snuggle all night.. so we will go with that.  you love to roll to your side while you play- both hands in your mouth + muffled squeals explode from where you sit.  if walls could talk in this house they would say that you are the MOST loved babe ever. between your sisters and your mama + daddy- we gush over just about everything you do.
you have started to giggle this month- you are VERY ticklish! little giggle bursts will come about when we tickle your neck or the sides of your tummy. we have been very busy this summer with birthday parties and travel and lots of water activities- you LOVE the pool.  we took you for many dips in the pool this month and you just relax in the floaty like you have done it a million times before.  I’m glad you seem to love the water because its an easy way to beat the heat in a Texas summer.
you also had your first haircut- courtesy of your daddy!  we had been joking about giving you a buzz to get rid of the “old man” hair and and a couple weeks ago we were enjoying the evening outside and your daddy walked out with the clippers in hand- no turning back now!
you looked SO CUTE after your first cut.. buh bye old man hair!
we celebrated your first holiday- the fourth of July!  you slept through most of it, but you did so well as we carted you around to the festivities. 
I am so thankful you, for the most part, are a chill babe.  maybe that comes with the territory of being the fourth kiddo?
your mama and daddy are short on time + sleep + energy these days.. the house is a total disaster, and most of the time we are sitting in and amongst 851 tiny toys courtesy of your big sisters- but we are loving life with the addition of you in it.  you have us totally smitten, even when you don’t sleep for hourssss at night.  I always offer a pep talk before bed about sleeping well, and then you don’t.. but I love you anyway, little stinker.
you smile a ton, blow spit bubbles and purse your lips to make everyone around you laugh.. you’ve mastered bringing toys (well EVERYthing) to your mouth and you’re the most curious little dude there ever was.  you are quickly distracted during most feedings and if the television is on, you are indeed attempting to watch it. you’ll lounge in your daddy’s lap in the mornings while he watches the news and just contently gaze at the bright images on the screen.  you are growing and looking more and more like Baker’s little twin.. the same eyes, brows, lips..and your expressions are nearly identical. 
you’re wearing size 3-6 months clothes and still in size 2 diapers for now.. growing like a weed!  but we are enjoying every new day and the changes that come along with it. 
love you to the moon, bud.

July 21, 2017

  1. He is such a little sweetheart!!! I enjoy reading ur posts… I have a 7 month old daughter and she also isn't the best sleeper. We struggled with reflux for a while but was able to stop her Zantac at 6 months? It was such a pain having to get that down everyday! But she is still not the best sleeper. But I agree I do think babies somtimes wake up just to see you. I work full time and my lil babe goes to bed at 7? I tried to keep her up later to see her more but she's just to tired. So if she wakes up multiple times a night I just think to myself she just misses me. Her brother was the same way. So for now sleep isn't a happening thing right now… but can't complain to much I do love those nighttime nursing snuggles!