photo every hour | baker’s birthday

we celebrated Baker’s second birthday on Tuesday with a full day spent with family complete with swimming + pizza + cake.  our day started bright and early with my two early risers..
I ordered these darling donuts from a little mom + pop donut shop right up the street from our house.
Baker’s favorite thing in life are donuts. so she basically had a stroke when she woke to these colorful sweets made special just for her!
her chocolate mouth and my makeup-less freckle filled face.
I can’t believe she’s two!
mama bear shirt HERE
2 year well check!  just mama and Baker went while daddy stayed with the other three gremlins.  I was feeling really confident when we walked into the pediatrician’s office for her appointment with a black eye + diaper rash (she’s got the most sensitive skin and everything makes her booty red!) + and a burn on her finger from grabbing Jolie’s burnt out sparkler last week.
mom of the year!
side note: her little flamingo peplum shirt from lovey lake is SO CUTE!! 
Baker’s birthday party is this weekend and we will have cupcakes and cookies with all our friends.. but on her actual birthday we made a stop at Costco and picked up a cake to blow candles out on.  ya’ll.. does everyone agree with me that Costco has THE BEST CAKE??
peek a boo jolie.
we skipped naps and swam the afternoon away!
..and even took a ride on a giant pool flamingo.
she hated it, but somehow we pulled a smile out of the birthday girl.
float HERE // birthday hat HERE // sunglasses HERE (use code AMBER25 for 25% off!)
Brady doesn’t hate life.  we got this little float when the twins were tiny and we’ve used it with all four of babes now! 
cousin cannonballs! 
Baker literally having the best day!
her cute little crop top is from leotudes.. not pictured are the AMAZING personalized shorties 
cousins.  also.. why does Parker look like she’s 14 in this picture?
Baker’s other love language:: pizza.
of course we sang and danced in this girl’s honor.. and then it was time to blow out the candles!
sisters in their jams!  we dressed them for bed before heading home.. sunscreen greaseball hair and all!  meh, they can get a bath tomorrow.. 
drank her bedtime milk with her eyes closed and literally tucked into a ball the moment we laid her in the crib.  
good night!  well, good night until 1:34am for this guy.
so excited to celebrate her some more this weekend.  we love our special girl!
Baker’s Fist Birthday HERE

July 13, 2017

  1. Katy Wright says:

    Wow those donuts! I love theses photo every hour posts – they're so fun! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see how the party turned out! Happy Birthday Baker!