baker bree | two years

its been two whole years since we welcomed our rainbow baby into this world.  we were blessed with Baker at the most vulnerable time in our journey as parents and to this day I am still in disbelief how lucky we are in having her in our lives to make it the most colorful it can possibly be.  
I was feeling sentimental and scrolling through old pictures and watching videos from this time last year, and my bald, round-faced, wobbly walking littlest Baker girl has changed SO much.   
while I feel like this season with her as a tiny toddler has gone by extra fast with the newest addition of her baby brother, I absolutely love this age and these new milestones with her.  I am doing my very best to soak them in and not miss out simply because “I’m busy”.   
so many memories have been made in this 2nd year with our third little girl.
Happiest Birthday, my precious, precious Baker Bree!
height 34.8 inches (76th percentile) // weight:  28 pounds (67th percentile)

miss Baker Bree experienced a TON of firsts in her second year- even more so than her first year of life, might I add. she has gained a rather hilarious toolbox of words she uses at the most opportune times.. she bosses me in full sentences, and probably my most favorite phrase has to be
“MAMA!!  where ah yuuuu??”
..and then when she says “can you help me, peese
OH, AND when I ask her a question she looks at me with the most sincere eyes and simply says “…um..”  so many things she’s picked up from her big sisters and so many things she’s developed into her own.  I just love her so much!  I cannot imagine what this life of ours would be like if Baker wasn’t exactly the way she is.

she met her nana + duke for the first time..and fell in love with my dad.
we went to the Texas state fair .. and Baker ate her first corndog! 
Cool weather came upon us and the fall festivities began- family fun at the pumpkin patch + the arboretum.

h a l l o w e e n.  was. THE best!  I loved those three funky flamingos!
we visited the zoo a handful of times.. and the most recent trip was the most fun with this girl.
Baker got ear tubes and all the sudden life around her was LOUD.
had sleepover’s with Auntie + Uncle J.
Baker got her first haircut.
she unwillingly tossed the paci.. and has been such a rockstar about it. I think I miss it more than she does.

perhaps the biggest milestone of this year has to be when Baker became a big sister. 
these are just a few of the highlights.  our life is so full.  with so much Baker fun in between.


Baker has an incredible appetite.  this girl will pretty much eat EVERYthing you put in front of her- that is.. if she feels like it.  she does have her moments of picky eating- I notice this mostly when she is cutting teeth or of she isn’t feeling well.   for the most part she’ll try what we offer her at the very least.  Baker will also eat all day long if I let her.  she has started to help herself to the pantry, and I’ve learned to put easy (and pretty healthy) snacks on the lowest shelf of the pantry within her reach or else she’ll be climbing.  something she learned from her big sisters.
pasta, pizza (omggg she loves pizza!), chicken, rice – especially Mexican rice, cheese, turkey deli meat, grilled cheese.. ALL fruits and yogurt is definitely something she requests at every single meal time.  “sauce” isn’t her thing at all, but she requests ketchup and ranch any time we have chicken or fish. she really does love to dip a chip in salsa, queso, and/or guacamole. 
peanut butter is hands down her favorite at this age, bread, dry cereal, chips, and granola bars are also things she requests and reaches for on a regular basis.
Baker is excellent with utensils – that fine motor skill came much easier for her than it did her big sisters.  

for the most part Baker will eat breakfast (which is usually carnation instant breakfast and milk right when she wakes up and then cereal or toast with peanut butter around 10am), lunch around 12:30p before nap time, and dinner is all over the place right now but is usually between 6-7pm.  we made the transition from whole milk to skim milk this week- we stick to about 16 ounces of organic milk, and 1-2 servings of yogurt and cheese every day.

this girl shows up her big sisters in every shape and form when it comes to sleep. we have had our fair share of issues with sleep over the last four years with Parker and Jolie (they still don’t sleep through the night) but Baker is like a dream when it comes to her sleeping habits. Baker will go down without a peep of fussing, sleep 14 hours, and wake up glowing and ready for a full day. since we dropped the pacifier about two weeks ago, going down has been a little more tedious.  she is requesting us to rock her and sing a song before laying her in the crib and often she will fuss a bit before settling down for the night.
we moved her bed time from 7pm to 8pm over the last several weeks- mainly because its HARD to get everyone down at a decent time and with it being light outside until almost 8:30pm, its been an easy transition. 
Baker’s usual sleep schedule is from 8pm to 8:00-8:30am with a nap after lunch (about 12:30pm) until 3:30pm-4pm.  

I am obsessed with watching Baker interact with her older sisters.. as well as with her little brother!  the way she loves him is out of this world- you guys I just cannot express how amazing it is to watch your children fall in love with each other.  “hey buh-ddy!!” comes out of her mouth 847 times a day.  and when she can’t see Brady, or her big sisters are in her space, she will look at me and say “I just want to see my buh-ddy!” watching the big girls play together brings me so much joy.  they love to run run run outside and play hard- lots of mid-yard dance parties, and chasing each other while squealing with delight while they pay chase down the back fence.
tea parties, baby dolls, hair + makeup, play jewelry and purses..oh my gosh Baker and her handbags is hilarious!!  you will never know what you will find in her purse.  I have to dump them out everyday as I clean up after they are all in bed.
Baker’s motor skills and understanding has tremendously changed over the last several months.  while she isn’t too much into puzzles like her sisters, she loves to color and draw along with putting together the pieces of sticker books and memory games. things her big sisters are doing are most interesting to her.
Ah, my girl.  you are equal parts sweet and sass.  perhaps on some days your sass-meter is tipping towards the 75% mark,  but for the most part you seem to be pretty even keeled.  there is absolutely nothing like your sweet smile and it brightens up the entire room.  we are complimented every single time we are out about your glowing personality and you just have a way about you that no one can put into words.  you consume everyone’s attention, and you know very well that is what is happening because you eat it up, girlfriend.  you know how I know?  random bursts into crazy side grabbing giggles, speed twirling, running like a nut job through the house and nose diving into the sofa or dog bed.. and not to mention the opera singing.  anything to get attention, you are right in the middle of it, Baker Bree.
you have the biggest love of your sisters.  you have finally learned to call them by name and its just THE BEST sound when I hear you chatter on about “Parker and Jowee”.  it also surprises me when you come toddling to my feet to tell on one or both of them.  that happened quick..  
you are an amazing sleeper and usually a solid 30-45 minutes of crib play is required before you are ready to get up for the day.  any moment before then you can be the biggest grouch!  although it was a rough go without the paci for a handful of nights, your spirits in the morning have much improved and we all love to see your smiling face first thing!  the big girls cannot wait to get you up and out if your crib!  verbally, you are much more inclined to repeat whatever we are prompting you to say- you have some really impressive annunciations – your ‘I love you’ is one for the books and it is never said in a normal decibel.  its always a shout to the face in all caps “WUV YUU!”  I am still trying to get that on video, but holy moly it is quiet humorous. 
your favorite phrase is “NO!” even when it has absolutely nothing to do with anything going on right then.   it is always your first response to any question asked, and then occasionally you will spit out the sweetest ‘yea‘ and I’m a puddle.

you are really smart and have little problem understanding or problem solving- coloring and “cooking” in your kitchen will keep you entertained for hours.
you love to skip, dance, twirl, run, and jump.  your running can be best described as bent knees, head forward, and arms flailing at this sides – running with the smallest steps in between – so it looks like you are bobbing up and down and your crazy hair flies from side to side.  it is SO cute.  you love singing and will follow along every tune to Bubble Guppies.  actually- when there is any kind of beat or music, you are tapping your feet and humming along.  music is in your soul, and you most definitely sing to your own tune.
you have turned into quiet the little mama.  you adore your little baby dolls, feed them, swaddle them, rock them, and of course, sing to them.  this carries over into the love you have for Brady.  GIRL, I could have never imagined in my wildest dreams that you would be so amazing with your little brother!  it is overwhelming to watch your baby self be such a big girl- helping tend to him just as the twins to.   I know you have learned from the best when it comes to Parker + Jolie and it all just seems to be engrained in your sweet mind, and it is outrageous how precious it is to watch.  
you have your moments of wanting to be held, even more so since Brady came along and if your daddy’s lap is available you better believe you have a spot in it.
you don’t let anyone pull a fast one on you.. oh no, you are far too smart for that!  you run the show when it comes to your older sisters and I often see you taking the roll as ring leader of this crazy circus of ours.

you are still a laid back little bit and with the most free spirit and sweet demeanor any one could ask for. you have changed they very most over this last year, and I have found myself to fall in love with you more and more everyday I spend with you. 
you have absolutely changes our life, Baker Bree, and I thank the Sweet Lord every day for blessing me with you. 
happy birthday my teeny two year old! 
I love you, 

July 11, 2017

  1. What a beautiful little lady! Happy birthday Baker!

  2. JR Kilby says:

    Ahh I love your family but this lil smoosh is my favorite. Her lil personality is the cutest and brings such a smile to my face when you post! Lots of love to you all!

  3. I cantttttt…..these pictures are literally the cutest ever!!! A) her outfits are unreal b) the simplicity of her with a water can and flowers= perfection!! Can't wait to see her flamingle!!!