weekend + July fourth

Man I am riding the struggle bus to keep up with the daily happenings of this crew of mine.  a little recap for ya of our weekend and fourth of July holiday festivities.. lets start with Sunday, well because thats the only day I got dressed and snapped any kind of photos to share:) 
Sunday morning we made it (barely) to the early service at church and me and the girls were really feeling the boho vibe, and so Jordan kindly snapped a pic for us.  Baker is the only one looking and her eyes are closed.. so this is a perfect depiction of my life right now- ha! everyone going in different directions, and I’m in the middle trying to keep the plates spinning! 
..side note.. my pants are like 5 years old from LOFT, but I LOVE them. Definitely my favorite for summer.
Sunday afternoon we laid by the pool and grilled and filled up on homemade ice cream that never turned into ice cream because the motor of our maker quit on us after just a couple minutes of spinning. so we drank them as milkshakes.. and even still I use that term loosely.  
Brady looking so dang cuteeee in his trunks and hat.  give me all the baby boy hats.  all of them.
you can find my sunglasses HERE (use code AMBER25 for 25% off!); my hat HERE, swim top is from KJ HERE, but the print is no longer available.  layered necklaces HERE (I’m wearing 14″ and 16″)
Brady’s hat HERE and trunks HERE

our weekend ended, but not for long before it was time for more fun on the fourth!
I wil forever match these baby girls together.. well until the day they tell me they are over it and how “uncool” it is.  but until then.. (insert dancing red dress emoji)
big girls shirts HERE and their shorts HERE.. Baker’s bows HERE via Sutter Sisters.  shortalls HERE and her cute little top HERE
oh my goodness I love this crew of mine.  
we headed out to meet Auntie + Uncle J and then headed to the Freedom Fest in Frisco.. but first, it didn’t happen without a photo, right?
thanks to Uncle J for his mad camera skillz
you can find my tee HERE and my shorts HERE (on sale!)
my hat is from the texas rangers ball park..I haven’t been able to find it online yet:)
lots of people.  lots of herding cats.  lots of sweat.
still so cute anyway, right??   these two babes.  I can’t believe they will be TWO in like DAYS.
 hey Brady, why so serious?
waiting patiently for cool A/C and the best pizza we have ever eaten!
if you are in the area, hit up Pizzeria Testa and you won’t regret it!
my favorite bandana bibs HERE, romper HERE, and sister handmedown moccs HERE
we didnt last long after dinner.. y’all it was SO freakin hot. we hit up the dip’n’dot tent and then headed back to Auntie + Uncle J’s house to view the fireworks show from the park near their house. sparklers were a hit!  we stopped at a stand to grab some and I’m so glad we did- sweet Baker and Grayson were new to the sparkler scene and had such a good time with them! Baker kept saying “whoa!” everytime to fire works exploded- SO cute.

love ya, America! XO, Baker Bree
I hope everyone had a safe and happy fourth!

July 5, 2017

  1. Dyingggggg over these adorable red, white and blue babes! The pic of Brady in his hat and Baker with her sleeveless top= too cute to handle!!! Also what's the theme for Baker's bday!? Can't wait to see ya knock it outta the park for her bday festivities!!!

  2. You all look great in your festive outfits! Brady is precious in that hat!

  3. Pizzeria Testa is our absolute favorite. SO good and the patio=perfection. It was seriously SO hot. We did Kaboom town, miserable!! Smart decision. We opted for fireworks from our park on the 4th.

  4. Brady's facial expressions – I'll never get over how cute they are! It looks like you had a wonderful Fourth!!

  5. You've left us hanging . . . and worrying . . . how is Jolie?

  6. amber says:

    Hey there! I've posted a couple updates on social media.. just haven't written it all down into a blog post. She's having a good week, no fever in seven days, which seems to be the track record, so I'm waiting for it to spike again. We visited the oncologist and they have now referred us to a rheumatologist to determine if this is auto immune related or not, which is what they suspect. So now we are waiting to see that doctor and hoping for a diagnosis. Thanks for your concern!

  7. Thanks for update. Fingers crossed ~ and prayers ~ for continued good news.