five on Friday

one. more pumpkin’ing

the fall weather arrived in Dallas this week- it lasted about 3 days and its going to be 89 degrees today. but we enjoyed it while it lasted!! it will be back.  I am confident in that:) we hit up the pumpkin patch again.. this patch is amazing and all the activities for the kids allows for a really fun afternoon outside. five bucks to park and we have hours ahead of us.  Jordan has been SO busy the last couple weeks- his work includes him working on the weekends every week, so taking advantage of a fun day during the week when he’s home is important. 

so much love- ha!  poor Brady.  doesn’t have a chance.

my favorite jeans HERE and sun glasses HERE (use code AMBER25)- my shirt and vest are old:) Baker’s shirt HERE and jeans HERE. her boots are handmedowns from the big girls, but similar HERE. Brady’s romper is from childhoods, his beanie is a handmedown from Baker, but from lulu + roo.. and find his cardigan HERE and moccs HERE. the twins shirts are last season from target, but you can find their jeans and boots are HERE and HERE. Parkers hat is from sweet eloise designs and Jolie’s bow is the sweetest from a little lady shop.

also.  I’ve crossed over to the backpack diaper bag and WHAT have I been waiting for?!

two. baby food

I’ve been getting a TON of questions about baby food and inspiration for weaning your little babes.  I did a modified BLW with Baker and decided to go back to homemade purées with Brady and adding in more solids here in the next couple months. I liked the experience with BLW and I think Baker did great with it, but this time I kinda wanted to go back to letting Brady get used to the texture of foods and having something other than milk in his mouth before we started the soft foods.  just personal preference! I wrote some pretty extensive blog posts about homemade baby food + storage + recipes when the twins were little and you can find those HERE and HERE!  I plan to update soon with Brady but until then you can take a peek at those posts for reference!

three. loopy + the softest sweatshirt eva! 

oh GUYS!!  I have mentioned my love for the loopy case before, over on the ‘gram.. but they are releasing their newest designs (ROSE GOLD MARBLE) tomorrow and I am so excited about it!  I also love the trendy wood grain case that Ive convinced Jordan to try and he’s loving it, too!  they don’t releases these designs until tomorrow’s launch, BUT use my discount code masseya10 on your entire purchase!  ALSO- I’m so excited to be part of the launch team of the Ever Co– my dear friend Amy has poured her heart and soul into this brand and I had the chance to get a firsthand feel of her products yesterday and I about fell over when I tried this sweatshirt on!  SO soft and I love the look of the acid wash black. more to come, so stay tuned for that!  paired with a maple pecan latte and my favorite free people leggings that came in my most recent Fix and I’m a happy girl.

four. SILObration!

were HERE as we speak and I’m SO excited for this weekend! we dropped the kids with my parents (lord help them..) and will spend all day today shopping the small shop vendors- so many that I follow on IG.. I’ll just be fan-girl’ing all day.  I’ll share about our visit next week, but eeep! Im just ready for a day solo with my man and lots of fun.

five. baby’s first haircut! like, a lot.  we buzzed Brady’s hair off around month 5 and its grown back SO fast! it was growing over his ears and looks a little shaggy so when my friend and hair stylist from Studio A came over this week I had her give Brady a big boy fade and part- it aged him about 6 months! I was impressed when he sat there and played while she gave him the cut and now every time we ask him about his hair he smiles from ear to ear- he loves it I think:)

October 13, 2017

  1. good heavens– his HAIR CUT!! so adorable!

  2. Bianca says:

    Do you like the free people leggings over other brands you’ve tried? Are they stretchy or really restrictive? Thanks!

    • amber says:

      I LOVE their leggings- they have a smooth front and the band is not restrictive at all. Very stretchy!

  3. Trisha says:

    Don’t feel too bad, fall weather just hit us here in Wisconsin this week too. It was 80 degrees on October 21st. Craziness!