weekend road trip | part i

I need a weekend coming off this weekend:) we arrived home on monday afternoon from a super fun weekend with my family- I felt like we had been gone FORever, but really it was just a handful of days.  we kicked off our weekend on Thursday night after dinner- we did our normal bedtime routine with the babes and instead of sticking them in bed we jammie’d up and got comfortable in the car for a trip to Austin. within just about a half hour everyone was asleep and left Jordan and myself to the nighttime road.. chatting about nothing and listening to the radio.. which was a nice change from the Moana soundtrack that has been LIFE for the last month or so.

we bought tickets to the silobration at the Magnolia Silos a couple months ago after they went on sale- the weekend event was free to the public, but if you wanted to stay for the actual “silobration” on Friday or Saturday evening, which included a concert on the lawn along with getting a chance to see chip and jojo, you had to buy a ticket!  there were a ton of kiddos and it was definitely a family event, but when we bought tickets we decided that this would be an adults only visit- we met some friends from Dallas to hang out with- so it was the perfect date night!   we arrived to my parent’s house late on Thursday night and dropped the babes off and Jordan and myself headed back to the hotel because we would be waking early to head back to the Waco area.

originally we planned to go to the silos just for the day and drive back home after the concert was over (we live about 2 hours from Waco).. but my dad had hip surgery earlier this month and wasn’t able to make the trip they had planned to Dallas for our birthday (he and I share a bday on September 27th!) so we decided to make a long weekend trip out of it and visit my parents since we hadn’t seen them since Baker’s birthday party in July.

we slept in on Friday morning, got ready with no babies under my feet, and headed out to the silos.  there were 100+ vendors between the small shops and food trucks, not to mention the amazing shopping opportunity in the Magnolia building + the bakery..and the sweet tea!!  there were so many shops I follow on IG:: I have bought a couple hats from gigipip and I was surprised when I walked upon her tent.. I fangirled over seeing Ginger “in person” and after trying on a handful of her hats I decided on a gorgeous olive green felt one.  it was HOT and after buying the hat it was a great break from the sun in my face.. and its so cute, so I was pumped. I grabbed a handful of hadley girl mess bows, cute harems + a t-shirt for Brady from little adi + co, and swooned over the hazel village animal babies.

  OF course we had to get some baked goodies!!  we waited in line for about 20 minutes.. there was a line for everything..  but as the afternoon went on the silos offered great shade and the temps quickly cooled off. it was such a beautiful day! 

 the concert started right at 7pm and we got a comfortable seat on the lawn with our friends, Jenn + Randy.  I met Jenn on IG a couple years ago- she has a set of twin girls that are a little younger than Parker and Jolie and a little boy thats just under a year old.  we don’t get to see each other very often, but when we do its easy to pick up where we left off.we laughed at chip + jojo on stage, got a sneak peek into the 5th season of Fixer Upper, jammed to Johnny swim (omg SO good!) and ate the most amazing crepes.  we can go ahead and file this under “best date night ever”. I can’t wait to go back and take the kids!

more about the rest of our weekend tomorrow:)

October 18, 2017

  1. oh my gosh how fun!! and how fun to have a good friend that you met over IG!! love that 🙂