Christmas Gift Guide for Boys | 6-12mo

I’ve been trying to finish up our gift guide series for the last week and today I’m finally sharing our baby boy’s gift guide!  shopping for a boy the last 9 months has been a lot more enjoyable than I expected. I will say, this age is kind of difficult to shop for. “does he need anything.. he won’t even understand..?” and “do we reallllly need another light up + singing toy??”

the short answer is NO.

we are overrun with toys and Brady’s greatest joy in life is playing with an empty plastic water bottle. so, once again, I was struggling to decide how I wanted to go about Christmas for him. Baker was a little younger (6 mo) at her first Christmas, and honestly, she got just one or two things under the tree and one of them was pajamas. I shared her wishlist HERE that you can check out, too! Brady loves the Bright Beats Smart Touch toy I shared on that guide!

Brady is the fourth kid to play with the handmedown infant toys and I feel like its time to purge a few of the old and welcome in some new (and practical) toys for a baby this age.

cuddle + kind stuffed animal :: Brady is finally starting to interact and play with toys and stuffed animals like this. as I was planning out his gift guide he was sitting in my lap cuddling a pink unicorn so I decided we needed some BOY stuffed animals for him to play with! I was introduced to cuddle + kind very early in their business venture and I am proud to see the brand and their mission explode into popularity.  one doll provides 10 meals for a child in need. enough said.

sleepers + rompers :: there are days that this boy doesn’t come out of his sleepers- mainly because the weather is chilly this time of year and its easier to have him in a one piece outfit, with or without feet, while he is scooting along the floor and pulling up on things.  our favorite jammies rarely go on sale during any other time of year and they are on sale pretty much throughout the holidays! I also love to incorporate a few small shops into his everyday wardrobe and these childhoods rompers are trendy and really cozy made with sweatshirt material.

knit hats :: I wrote an entire blog post about hats HERE. its his greatest accessory and were big fans of hats of all shapes and sizes 🙂

fat brain toys tobbles :: OK- so this is a top rated toy.. won several of awards and I feel like its super cute esthetically.. not to mention the stackability of this one is easy for a baby working on his motor skills.

melissa + doug deluxe bug jug :: put the bugs in and dump them out.. over and over and over again. its amazing how entertaining this process can be for a baby and toddler but their little brains are working in overdrive mastering hand-eye coordination to achieve a full tub’o’bugs! not to mention, the bugs are super soft and plush, so they double as a teething toy for Brady and are multi textured and rattle like a typical infant toy would.

wonderworld rainbow sound blocks :: these are excellent for sensory play. the colors and stacking of these blocks along with the sounds that come from shaking them all engage their senses to promote development.

slippers ::  ah, you didn’t think the fourth and final gift guide would go without a pair of slippers on it, did you?! and aren’t these the cutest moccasin style with the fur??! they actually tie across the front so they don’t slip off as easily while Brady is moving around or playing with the fur on his feet.. which he is completely fascinated by in the first place!

December 11, 2017


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