December bucket list :: ice skating + polar express

our stay at the Gaylord Texan part II :: see part I HERE

Saturday morning started with breakfast before we hit the ice rink! a REAL outdoor ice rink. in texas. on a 60 degree day. it was perfect.  I’ve never been ice skating before, so this was as new to me as it was for the girls!

it was as magical as you might think.  I dont think I stopped laughing! even better, my girls had the time of their life.  you can find my sunnies HERE, beanie HERE, my sleeveless cardigan HERE and my favorite boyfriend denim HERE!  I received my shirt in my most recent Fix and LOVE it!  sweet Baker.  I wasn’t sure what she would think about going skating and I was hesitant to even get her a wrist band to be on the ice with us, but I’m SO glad we followed through and allowed her to try it out.  by the end of the day they were feeling a little more confident and let go of the wall and used the training walkers they provided.  so many giggles!   Jordan’s parents came along and hung out with Brady while we skated. I had a a lot of questions about this after posting on our stories and at the ice rink we skated on they do not allow strollers on the ice.. and personally I just wouldn’t feel safe at all putting him out there anyway. He did have a lot of fun people watching 🙂after we called it a day we loaded up and headed out to Auntie + Uncle J’s house for our annual pizza + polar express. Auntie got gingerbread houses for all the kids and had them set up when we arrived!  I think more candy ends up in their tummies than on the house, but hey.. its the holidays. and there was GOOD wine.  Auntie always has the best wine.we ordered pizza and did a little gift exchange among the kids.  Uncle J made giant bowls of popcorn and we all changed into our jammies before heading up to the media room to sprawl out on bean bags to watch Polar Express. such a good night with great friends.

checking a few more fun things off the bucket list!  it really was the best weekend and good for my soul.  this season is proving to the best YET!

December 19, 2017


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