December bucket list : Dallas Zoolights

three more sleeps! I can’t believe how quickly this month and holiday season has flown by.. it feels like thanksgiving JUST happened?

last night we took the kids to the Dallas Zoo for their Zoolights event for an evening filled with family fun and a million lights. we always go to the Fort Worth Zoo and the twins have been to Dallas Zoo once before when they were a little over a year old and def don’t remember it, so it was fun to have a new atmosphere for the girls to experience.

we got there a little early to hopefully see the animals before they went in for the evening!

these girls.  this might be my new favorite picture of the three of them.  I can’t express how happy it makes me to see them love each other the way they do. you would never know there are 2.5 years between the twins and Baker, she is just one of the girls!we got to see the otters + penguins and even the giraffes! during normal zoo hours they offer the opportunity to buy romaine lettuce to feed the giraffes so, they are really friendly with zoo visitors and come right up to say hello! the girls were loving it! and then the sun went down and the lights came on!  it was so magical! we walked a little while and then came to the main garden and ordered food from the food trucks and a few craft beers.  we ate dinner under the twinkle lights and it was so much fun!uncle Pat came along to hang out with us- these girls LOVE him! in case you missed it.. he was the guy in the unicorn costume at the twins’ birthday party 🙂my people. I’m the most thankful for that guy in the middle that holds it all together for us. we took about 65 pics and these were the best we got. hey man, this us life right now.  maybe one day we will get family pictures of everyone looking AND smiling at the same time. the last stop before heading out for the evening was a few rides on the carousel.   Jordan.  being a creep in my pictures!we checked this one off our bucket list!  I’m so excited for the weekend ahead!  family, food, fun, and most importantly, JESUS.


December 22, 2017


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