photo every hour | sunday


the kids spent the night at BB + Papa’s house on Saturday night while Jordan and I hung out for an adults only night out (see also Netflix in our jams and in bed by 10pm). I woke up to a very quiet house after sleeping in, uninterrupted and I did what I always do first thing in the morning.. coffee.  I ended up annoyed when I ran out of my favorite creamer (ID salted caramel mocha) so, it wasn’t THE best. but still good. my pretty mug (target!) made it better.nine.

I left the house with Brittany to pick up Brady from my in-laws and then head straight to the fire station for Brady’s one year photos. the weather was iffy and threatened rain, and we had even scheduled a makeup day, but we missed the rain! filling his tummy before getting him picture ready! ten.

Brady is one!! it was a coincidence that Jordan works at station one.. I didn’t even think about that until Britt realized it the moment we walked up! I ordered his turnout gear few months back on Etsy (HERE!) eleven.

boy loves some cake.  Jenny Layne Bakery never disappoints!  twelve.

from the station we swung through BB’s house to grab the rest of the babes! I unintentionally ‘forgot’ to photograph the floorboards of my car- the stuff nightmares are made

home for a quick lunch! chicken nuggets and bbq pop chips for the girls! Parker is a sauce girl- dip, dip, dip!two.

daily Starbucks run! have you tried the sous vide egg white bites?! I love them for breakfast but also for an amazing mid-afternoon snack. they are slowly running out my my favorite seasonal drink, smoked butterscotch latte, so I am back to ordering an iced skinny caramel macchiato.

shoes (here) + leggings (here) + hoodie (here) three.

how do other mamas restrain their kids in the grocery cart? Brady prefers to STAND and ride.four.

off to a birthday party! Parker and Jolie LOVE winkids and playing in the foam pits and trampolines wore them completely out! five.

pizza + cake! I’d like to mention Brady ate an entire slice of cheese pizza and sucked down his very first juice box. six.

stone cold OUT for the count. he cat napped in the car here and there but never got a full nap the entire day, so he was exhausted. seven.

bath time with 1/2 of the crazy town. the twins had already trotted off to get in their pajamas. eight.

dinner:: peanut butter + banana toast. Jordan was at the fire station so this is what dinner looks like for me on those nights. nine.

feeling a bit sentimental after a morning spent with Brady taking his one year photos, I let the girls stay up a little later than usual (they are in bed before 8pm on most nights). Baker couldn’t hang through one 20 minute show. don’t mind my wet bun 😉 I’ll blow dry and style it in the morning!

shout out to Parker for snapping this photo!ten.

Gilmore girls + groceries. put in for pick up tomorrow afternoon! I haven’t done a (complete) grocery run in a few weeks, so it was due time!  I fell asleep right soon after finishing my grocery order. 

happy Monday!

March 5, 2018

  1. Lauren says:

    BRADY in that firesuit, oh my …. love posts like this

  2. Katy Noel says:

    Brady is killing it!!! He’s such a handsome baby! If you don’t mind me asking what kind of car do you have? I love the car seat set up.

    • amber says:

      I drive a GMC Acadia.. and wouldn’t recommend it for cargo space 🙂 otherwise I appreciate the captains chairs in the second row!

  3. in the beginning i was thinking “with a busy day like that, how can you fit in naps!?”

    • amber says:

      Brady is the only one that naps and usually we are home for it (he only takes one), but a couple days a week we miss it and its catnaps in the car to make up for it.

  4. Laura says:

    I love these every hour posts! Super random – how do you get the girls into the back seats? I only have 3 and am trying to figure out the best setup in the car, too! 🙂

    • amber says:

      The twins are able to buckle themselves in, so they climb through between the captain chairs and buckle in.

  5. Jen says:

    Hi Amber! Would you consider writing a post on what you eat throughout the day/nutrition/how you stay so fit and lean?! You look fabulous and it would be so great to get advice in this area from a mom who is also a dietician 🙂

    • amber says:

      absolutely! I actually thought about this when I was making breakfast this morning. Expect it next week! I just have to get organized to remember to take pictures of it all for an entire day 🙂

  6. Whitney Linnane says:

    Where did you get those personalized plates again?? I love the unicorn one!

  7. Whitney Linnane says:

    Hey! Ok cool! Thanks I definitely will!