weekend | birthdays + baby showers

it was the best weekend! here I am, on a Wednesday, still thinking about our weekend. but it was a pretty good one 🙂

Jordan celebrated his birthday on March 3rd and he was home all weekend long! lately, in addition to his 2-3 shifts at the fire station (he works 24 hours on and 48 hours off), he’s picked up 2 (12hr) shifts at the hospital. so, its still only 4-5 days of work but seems like so much more because he is actually gone for a full day or more at a time. that being said.. we miss him and it was so nice to have him around for several days in a row. not to mention- THE WEATHER! I’m so ready for spring! maybe not summer because 100+ days of 100 degree weather is not that fun. but I’ll take these 72 degree days, for sure!

friday we spent the day running errands and just being together. the boys got hair cuts, the girls picked out new summer sandals, and we all enjoyed a picnic lunch outside. it might seem strange but we really love to spend our days like this doing nothing all that interesting or creative.we ended the day at Tim + Teresa’s house with a family birthday dinner for our main squeeze. Teresa my mother in law’s best friend and basically my second mom. I love her so much and she loves me and my family DEARLY. she would do anything for us.. including host every birthday dinner over the last couple years. steaks, twice baked potatoes, asparagus..and Teresa’s strawberry cake (she makes the best desserts) and BB’s banana pudding for dessert!    friday was good.  Saturday was Jordan’s actual birthday and we woke up for a slow morning + breakfast. I had a couple errands to run before Brittany’s couple’s shower that evening, so I took the big girls to tag along with me. we dropped the babes off with BB and Papa for the evening- the plans were to go out for Jordan’s birthday after the shower. we haven’t had a date night in a LONG time and were excited to have an adults only Saturday night.

I joked after posting this picture to IG about Brady wearing girl shorts.. but while one might think they were handmedowns, I actually bought them FOR Brady! shorts for little boys all come well past their knees and they might as well be wearing jeans/pants! these hit right as his knees and they came from the toddler girl section at old navy. I got them in blue, too- boom.

get his hat HERE + shirt HERE! my shirt and jeans are from stitch fix + my bar necklace (16 inch)  is from jays & jewels (use code AMBER15) and my short (rose gold drusy on rose gold) necklace can be found HEREfrom there Jordan and I took off for a coffee date before heading to the couple’s shower.

pictures from BB.. that baby in Baker’s stroller is even more disturbing in person.  it was Jordan’s grandma’s babydoll and BB has taken it for the girls to play with. it is UGLY and Baker loves it. it also weighs about 16 pounds. so weird.shower time! how CUTE is this pearl and jane banner?! baked potato bar! I ordered the potatoes and all the fixings from Market Street and made bbq pulled pork in the crock pot. the guest of honor and her besties.our grand plans to go out after the shower were deterred by our pajamas. it sounded so much better to the both of us. it was such a quiet house! but we talked and hung out just the two of us, which never happens!

I recapped Sunday already in my photo every hour post from Monday, but still have to add, again, what a magical day it was. such an awesome tribute to Jordan on his birthday weekend. 

and here we are! mid-week already and I’m still living in last weekend. take me back!

March 7, 2018

  1. jealous of your weather! we are still so cold here in washington most days!