Brady Jordan | 14 months

here we are.  fourteen months with our little stinker. its been a big month of change and “firsts” for this guy.

we’ve been dealing with a lot of change on top of cutting about 1 billion teeth so it has been a little rough.  but when he’s not pulling at my legs to be picked up and held we get this hilarious and oh-so-amazing Brady!..those molars are NO JOKE and you’ve got four coming in at once. heartbreaking cries and your baby hands around your mouth as if you are in so much pain come outmost of the day if someone is not carrying you around on their hip.

I’ve learned that if I can get you occupied in something else independently, you are totally fine.

..which also means that you are somewhere making a giant mess.sleep has been in a state of regression this month. you are waking up several times a night and napping poorly during the day..

..we can thank those molars for that, too.

your appetite was basically terrible this month, but here at the end it has much improved- you really do love to eat when you WANT to eat.  but when you are teething food is just not an option. even your favs like cereal and oats and yogurt are a no go.

your definite favorites right now are oatmeal, spoonfuls of nut butter (we just have to stop giving it to you and hide the jar of peanut butter to get you to give up on that) grilled cheese, pinto beans, guacamole, corn tortillas, grilled chicken, chicken nuggets, applesauce, milk and also love to snack: yogurt, dry cereal, granola bars, goldfish, and graham crackers suck it down a cup of water like you didn’t have a swing/gulp/chug 3 minutes ago, and then you’re stealing everyone else’s sippy cups for a sip.

you’re still not a huge fan of fruits and veggies- you prefer meat over everything!

daddy has gotten his fair share of love from you this month, little bubba.

NO ONE compares to your dad right now.

your entire world could be ending with no where to turn except your mama and you will just walk straight away from me searching for your dad with giant tears rolling down your face.

thanks, bro.

anywhere he is, you are very close behind. DADADADADADADADA

all day.

other words :: mama, dada, dog, “round and round”, “ABC”

you have started to understand directions and seem pick up on things very quickly.

..I can tell you to pick up something or ask where something is and you follow the instruction or look for the item I’ve suggested. I can tell you to find your sippy cup or pick up the toy and you promptly do as you’re told. I love this stage of development, minus to tantrums.TANTRUMS. lets just say, you have become very dramatic.

..and if something isn’t going the way you think it is supposed to, you become very frustrated and tears are quick to make their debut and the lifeless flop to the floor follows suit.

its clear that those crocodile tears aren’t ‘real‘ tears. are all smiles after a little help from mom or dad.

your belly laughter is the best when it comes from the deep.

..almost like a growl from below before bursting into an all out squeal when daddy tickles you.

or when your sisters play peek-a-boo.

..or when your mom tells you “no!”.

your motor development is definitely improving this month.

..climbing, running, walking up & down stairs, and using utensils while eating has started to come easier to you.

over the last couple months you have started practicing your dance moves.

..this month you are definitely ready for back-up dancer extraordinaire.

you do the shoulder lean and bee-bop like a boss.

 a few of your favorite things at 15 months: 

legos, stacking blocks + magnets.  you continue to come back to these toys for entertainment.

playing outside.  ALL.Dayyyy.Long.

you will stand at the door and just holler until someone lets you love anything and everything that plays music. LOVE your leap frog singing bus and hum along with the tune of ABC’s and even started singing “round and round” to wheels on the bus.

the evenings when we sit together and read stories before bed, is our favorite time of the day.

..he sits so quietly and listens to a couple books before I lay him in his crib for the night.

he loves the fire engine golden book,  little blue truck leads the way, and you’re here for a reason .

hair brushes, tv remotes, trucks, cars..

pushing boxes, bags, toys {anything, really..} across the floor.  your recent obsession is with the bottles of sprinkles sitting on the lowest shelf on the pantry. you find those about once a day and walk out shaking them like maracas.

Face Time- omg it is hilarious to watch your face light up with animation when you talk to dad or BB and Papa on the phone.

you love, love, love your sisters. this has been a growing trend over the last couple months, but this month you really show a concern over them when they are upset and want to be right in the middle of their playtime.

wrapping your legs around my waist and leaning your head on my shoulder while I hold you.

ok..that last one is probably your momma’s favorite. outgoing, hilariously goofy, wears a contagious smile, and most of all, pretty over dramatic.

..all words that describe your personality. can’t turn a corner without taking a topple, which never phases you at all.

you pop right up and take off once again.

..always on the move with places to go and people to see.

toys to steal!

May 21, 2018

  1. Laci says:

    Amber he is the cutest thing ever!!!

  2. Jamie says:

    Omgee,,,He is the coolest and most dapper little guy I’ve ever seen! Such a beautiful family you have!

  3. Ashlee says:

    Those cheeks. I would munch on those all day. LOVING those cactus sheets!