indoor play on Monday

I really love Monday’s- the start of a fresh week and a new to-do list. we had a great time yesterday and I snapped about 800 photos to show for it. I decided that instead of spending the day at home we would visit peek n play for the afternoon to get our wiggles out. we have been spending SO much time outside, this would be a good change of scene.

we discovered peek n play after we attended a birthday party last summer- it was pretty close to the house and such a cute place! 4500 sqft. indoor play area with a play town and an amazing tree house with a slide that goes into a ball pit! the highlight of our time there is always in the ball pit 🙂 the girls fell in love AND, in the middle of the summer, this was a great option for us to get out of the house with an infant.  we hadn’t visited since Brady really started crawling/walking so this was all new territory for him to bulldoze.. and let me tell you.. HE HAD THE TIME OF HIS LIFE. Brady screams/yells when he’s excited (and when he’s mad and sad and frustrated and hungry..) and he basically yelled the entire time we were there. I was crying laughing because he was ALL over the place and I could barely keep up! the girls loved it- dress up and imaginary play are their favorite activities- so they kept busy!  one thing that is new is they offer a punch card you can purchase ahead for future plays- bringing the cost per kid from $12/child to $9/child.

on the weekends (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday) this place gets pretty full, and occasionally is booked for private parties, but during the week if you go midday (when most young babes are typically home for lunch/nap) you will have the entire place to yourself! since Brady is the only napper in our house I can usually bump his sleep time a little later in the afternoon and I pack a lunch or pick something up on the way and we eat at their little tables before we play. we got there around 11:30a with a couple other mamas there but soon after that we were by ourselves and played to almost 3pm!

mama paparazzi came out as I followed the kiddos around- so, below is a photo dump of a good chunk of our Monday. it was just a really good day, you know? 

not sponsored, peek n play has no idea who I am, just sharing about a fun place in case you want to try it out with your littles!

May 1, 2018


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