weekend | photo dump

playing catch up from the last week-ish.. we’ve been so busy and sometimes the blog kind of takes a backseat as a result. including a little photo dump for browsing on this Monday morning 🙂

we got a taste of summer with 85-90 degrees temps the last several days and we took full advantage of it with dinners on the back patio, ice cream dates, and a run through the splash pad- Brady’s first time!  we had riding lessons..and as the weeks have gone on its turned into Baker’s lessons, too. the highlight of her time there is getting to hop on Elvis while he’s guided back to the stalls.

..and Brady’s highlight is sharing his snacks with Scout. he yells DOG in her face the entire time and she doesn’t pay mind to him, she just wants him to share the popcorn. we spent a rainy Wednesday at the Crayola Experience.. and it was PACKED full of people. I was a little overwhelmed and had a hard time feeling like we could see and do everything.  the kids didn’t even notice at all and had so much fun, which is what matters most– the older two (5 years) and the younger two (2.5 years) had an equally awesome time. I dont have any other photos aside from this one below mainly because I was trying to keep up with our group of little people amongst the crowd.. wishing for a leash to attach to each of them- ha!

there were two schools of kids there at the same time we were- so that allotted for the majority of the crowd. another experienced mom mentioned that our biggest mistake was going during these mild weathered weeks of school where everyone is taking field trips. so we will need to make another trip soon to do all the things we missed!Saturday came and went so quickly! we grabbed breakfast at our usual spot and then headed to Ashley and Jarrett’s for the rest of the day! Their neighborhood held their annual “spring fling” so we hit that up for an hour- got our faces painted (minus Baker- she’s a hard NO on someone painting her face) and were entertained by balloon animals and a petting zoo! afterwards we came home to watch the Kentucky Derby on the patio. grilled burgers + sangria for dinner! just your average neighborhood roly-poly hunting committee. pants are optional + sombreros are necessary. Jordan was at the fire station on Sunday, so I loaded the kids up and headed to visit him around lunch time!  a couple of the guys were working out in the bay and playing music. Brady was swinging his arms in the air- boy never misses a beat.

AND.. in case you just needed a little boost into your Monday.. watch this. just watch it. with tissues bc you’ll be crying.


May 7, 2018

  1. Katy Noel says:

    Omg that video haha!!! Did ya’ll make your outdoor table or buy it? Looks so nice!

  2. Ashlee says:

    I am SO jealous of your back patio. That is made for summer nights. Where did you get your bistro lights!? Is it one giant strand or a few of them?

  3. Carrie says:

    So fun for Baker that she gets to ride too! Please tell whoever is leading Elvis to tighten her helmet strap next time.

    – a horse lady

    • amber says:

      thank you, Carrie! I think its a youth size helmet because its the same one the twins wear so I’m not sure it will tighten up enough! I’ll check it out next time, for sure!

  4. Carrie says:

    It might be worth it to bring a helmet that fits her from home, like a bike helmet. Bike helmets are not the same as riding helmets because they are not rated for such high falls and don’t come down as far in the back, but statistically it would be be safer to wear something that fits. Not to terrify you, but if she did fall and the helmet slipped off her head before she hit the ground, she would be at much higher risk of a neck/spinal cord injury because the helmet would be stuck somewhere around her neck.

    – horse people are obsessed with safety