photo every hour | sunday with justin

sunday. my FAVorite day of the week! this sunday was a little different in that we skipped church and made for a slow morning before the very busy day ahead!


the quiet of the morning view in our backyard. its pure perfection. nine. 

the kids played in the water the enter day before (Saturday) and I was too lazy to stick them in the shower by the time the dinner hustle was over.. with sunscreen in their hair and grass still stuck between their toes I sent them to bed with promises of a shower first thing in the morning.. and I delivered 🙂 daddy + Brady ran to the “tool store” to grab 8000 pounds of mulch for the flower beds in the front.. so it was just these silly girls!ten. 

mama + daddy night out! Ashely reminded me that packing for four kids is WAY easier (and less) than packing for my twin infants five-ish years ago..  I used to bring EVERYthing. now I focus on the necessities and occasionally I forget their toothbrushes. eleven.

silly boy! his new “thing” is wearing any piece of clothing he can find and wrap around his head. I love this age! minus the meltdowns. definitely minus that part.twelve. 

mama had an appointment for a blowout before her “night out”! the gal at Blo did SUCH a great job! my “MAMA” tee is from love and lion (wearing a size small + on sale! use code HAPPYWEEKEND) and my jeans are from vici dolls!one.

dropped these cutie babes off with BB and Papa for the night! two. 

ran a few errands before hitting up sonic for happy hour (diet blackberry limeade..tastes like an Italian soda!) and then headed to the hotel in downtown dallas! my sneakers are Toms and I got them in my recent stitch fix box! sunnies are from DIFF! use code MASSEYA for 25% off! three.

hotel views. four. 

drinks + dinner at sixty vines five.

those crispy zucchini and that burrata were AMAZING.  six.

dinner was a winner.. plus more rosé. seven.

its almost showtime! Ash is SO GORG! eight.

RIGHT before Justin came on stage. we definitely let our inner 14 year old screams out.  nine.  ten.

he’s like, WAY handsome.  eleven.twelve.

we were STARVING when we got out of the concert.. we met up with the boys that were hanging out at a bar just a couple blocks from the concert venue. since it was midnight on a Sunday, everything was closed.. except this little Italian spot right across from the AAC. the owner stayed open after the concert let out and was selling pizza by the slice! we got up to the line just in time because we grabbed the last pepperoni pizza he had- and it was delicious! we scarfed it down between the four of us before heading back to the hotel. the concert was SO much fun.. I was searching stubhub trying to fine tickets for his show the next night because I just needed a little more Justin in my life. GREAT day and amazing night spent with our besties!

May 29, 2018

  1. Kayla says:

    I’m so jealous! I love this in so many ways!

  2. Jennifer says:

    love your black blazer you’re wearing at the concert! can i ask who makes it?

    • amber says:

      Hey there! Its actually olive green.. the brand is French Mauve- search for “tunic blazer”!