horse camp 2018

the twins had their first experience with “camp” this week! I don’t think I’ve ever dropped them off and left them for anything like this before, outside of preschool. I had been talking it up for a few days and Jo kept mentioning how much she was going to miss me every time we talked about it.  but, I knew she would have a great time! our cousin Kendall was also participating in horse camp, so the moment they saw each other it was like- “mom, who!

the morning of camp I got home from bootcamp around 6am and got their bag packed, picked out their clothes, and got breakfast ready for the road.. I had put their hair in French braids the night before so hair wouldn’t be an issue in the morning. I even checked the checklist they sent to make sure I had everything I needed.. the girls never usually sleep past 7:15am and here we were about 7:30am and my house was still asleep. after I hopped in the shower, I texted my sister in law and asked if she should print the waiver for me.. “they have some here, so no biggie..” you’re already there?? it was 7:48am. house still asleep. camp starts in 11 minutes. WHY did I think 9am?! I knew it started at 8am, but somehow totally spaced. busting into Parker and Jolie’s room “WAKE UP GUYS!! we gotta go!

thankfully the ranch is just a little but up the road from our house, less than 5 minutes, but I felt so bad as we walked up- the twins moseying up to the barn still half asleep and halfway paying attention to my yelling “hurry, girls!” we were just about 5 minutes late. such a silly story to tell, but while I’m documenting the twins’ first day camp experience I also want to document my first experience in getting them there- palm to forehead.

my sister in law hung around for the camp and when we pulled up convinced Baker to stay with her to watch the big girls ride for the day. I ran a couple errands and got some work done with just one baby in tow and then came back around 11am to watch the last hour of the camp. Amy, the owner of the camp, took some pictures I’m sharing here that she texted me from the day- it looked like SO much fun! as you can see, miss Baker was right in the middle of the action whenever she could be. there were “spray breaks” about every 45 minutes for both the kids and the horses. its almost 100 degrees out here in Texas, so a cool down with the water hose was much needed! (FYI: paint was nontoxic washable crayola paint. they hosed him down after the kids “painted the horse“) “it was a great day mom, but I still missed you.” thanks, jo.

June 7, 2018

  1. Ashley says:

    SO fun!! My best friend has two horses and lets us come visit whenever we can. I’d love to find something like this for my horse obsessed daughter.