Sunday Fun in the Sun

checking off our summer bucket list with LOTS of pool time! we spent the day yesterday with our Supper Club besties! the day was warm but the sun peeked in and out of the clouds making for a perfect time sitting poolside without feeling like you’re baking. our first supper club all together since Miss Brielle made her debut about 6 weeks ago! Baker is still baby crazy and LOVED holding this sweet little babe as much as we would let her.meanwhile, I took about 800 photos of Brady because he was glued to my hip the entire afternoon. mostly because the boy is a nut case around the water. diving in, face first, without a fear in the world! the boy needs some swimming lessons or something!

lots of questions about Brady’s trucker hat! its from grom squad– looks like the blue is sold out but this red one is really darling! my suit is from Kortni Jeane– the style I’m wearing is from last year, but she’s doing an amazing BOGO sale if you want to check it out! my hat and glasses are both from Gigi Pip ! my child that refuses all fruit ate his first (and second..and third!!) strawberry this weekend! my girls can hoover a 3-pound container of strawberries in one sitting.. and Brady, before now, wouldn’t touch them with a 3 foot pole.  screaming MAAAM! at me from across the pool.. when I asked if he wanted me to come swimming with him he replied “YAAAA!” this boy wears me out 24/7 but geez he makes me so happy- look at this face!!   first family pic of all thirteen of our babies! we cleaned up, got dressed into dry clothes, and came inside to get ready to head home after a long day full of swimming and fun with our friends! the kids slowly made their way up to the playroom and the adults poured themselves some more beer punch..a tiny baby girl needed to be fed, and before we knew it, it was dinner time! a call out for pizza hit the spot! our supper clubs always end the same way- with full bellies and full hearts!

June 11, 2018

  1. Jami • Mommy ????‍???? says:

    So fun! How do you make your beer punch? That sounds delicious! ◡̈

    • amber says:

      its SO good and so easy!! Light beer, about 4-5 cans for a pitcher size, two cans of frozen limeade concentrate, and a shot (or two!) of vodka. pour over ice!! Perfect for drinking by the pool!

  2. Nikki G says:

    Hi, I don’t usually do god, but I was wondering where you got the round pool ring from, it’s adorable. Also I love the edit on your photos right now. BeUtiful family. ????

  3. Nikki G says:

    Sorry, didn’t read that back, it was meant to say, I don’t usually do this ????