five on friday

one. fall layersit’s been very warm here still in Dallas, but the weather seems to be trending down a bit as we aren’t hitting the 90’s at 8am anymore.. although the 150% humidity offers little relief at all. once it hits September 1st, I am forcing myself to leave the sweaters on the hanger but some days I still pull them out of the closet because the A/C is blasting everywhere we go and I’m freezing most of the time.

I got this sweater (HERE) from UO a few weeks back and its the perfect lightweight knit, not to mention the pumpkin color is TO DIE for. they have a few other colors I’m tempted to snag for myself, too! layered up with my favorite maternity tank (HERE) and paired with a ZoZubaby scrunchie I’m ready for the fall, y’all 🙂 linking a couple other sweater favs.


two. girls’ shared room update we are SO close to finally finishing the girls’ shared room! Baker has been sleeping on the floor of the twins’ room for almost a year now and with another baby on the way and the twins starting kindergarten, we decided to move them all in together (finally) and give Baker’s room to the new baby 🙂 when we found out we were pregnant we felt rushed to make a decision about a move or building a home and just decided that, for now, we fit well and comfortably into our current home and we will make a decision after the twins get out for the summer.

the triple bunk bed has been on our minds for a long time now and Jordan found this one HERE for an awesome price! Baker sleeps on the bottom, Jolie in the middle and Parker is back on top like she was when she slept on the double bunk with Jolie.

I realize that Baker’s space looks a little cramped but her mattress (she has a tuft & needle!) is too thick. she can actually sit up while laying under there so it works for now, but we will eventually get her a new one. the other mattresses we have for the twins are from Delta Children.

we found this dresser on Facebook Marketplace and its HUGE. I gave Jordan specific measurements for a dresser large enough to accommodate the three girls and stumbled upon this one- best part was that it was completely refinished and painted an opal white + silver handles. their darling name signs are from thepolymathmom on Etsy. we have plans to update the closet and I’ll be sharing all the details soon once we’ve completed the space!three. halloweenany one else ready?? ME! I love this time of year!! the girls were gifted these mermaid costumes from Carken Design  to wear for one of their Halloween costumes this year and they LOVE them! its still usually warm here in Texas on Halloween so we can get away with wearing them. if it happens to be chilly I’ll just layer leggings under the skirt and throw a long sleeve leotard under the top!

I also just stocked up on Halloween jammies for the crew- they are all on MAJOR sale!

four. baby boy layette outfit HERE, bump tracker HERE and bear knit hat HERE

we got a peek at baby boy this week, a couple times actually. he’s growing perfectly, a little on the big side, weighing about 15 ounces at 21 weeks. he was kicking and rolling around like a crazy man in there and finally I have been able to feel him move more consistently.

I haven’t done a ton of updates on this pregnancy, mainly because I’ve been trying to stay off the computer due to debilitating migraines (that have finally spaced out a bit, but they were every single day for about 6-8 hours a day) but as a whole this fourth pregnancy has been a whirlwind and my head is still spinning, especially after this week. I’ll be giving an update soon 🙂

I am so thankful for this body and my growing baby. we couldn’t be more excited to welcome him! I cant believe I’m already 22 weeks on Saturday! I got a lot of questions about the dress when I shared this photo last week- its from Roolee (on sale!) and not maternity, wearing my normal pre-pregnancy size. five. 9/11 stair climbthis picture was taken the last time Jordan did the Dallas 9/11 memorial stair climb.. Baker was just a few months old! tomorrow morning he is climbing with these guys from the fire station- they’ll be among the 343 firefighters climbing in memory of the 343 fire heroes that died that day. I’m always proud to be a fire wife, but its the opportunities like these that I am overwhelmed with gratitude for service men and women. I’ll share more pictures and about the climb next week!

have an amazing weekend, friends!

September 7, 2018

  1. We have a guest shooting ranch in WY and we have Zinus mattresses from Amazon for all 31 beds. Much less expensive than Tuft and Needle and we actually prefer ours at the ranch over our Tempur Pedic at home it’s that comfortable! I mention these because they come in different thicknesses, so may be an option for Bakers bed. The majority of our beds are queen bunk beds and these are perfect. And I believe a queen is priced around $200 or less. They are hands down the most raved about item at our ranch two years in now!! @highbarhomestead @mrsshannonclark

  2. Abigail says:

    You could swap Baker’s mattress with Parker’s mattress to give Baker more space but not have to buy a new mattress.

    • amber says:

      Yes! We totally thought about that but I worried that because of its thickness, it takes away the amount of railing on the side for the upper bunk. so the safest option would still be to have it on the floor for now!