photo every hour :: girls night out

I haven’t done one of these in awhile and this weekend was jammed packed- Sunday was the perfect opportunity to share my photo every hour 🙂 Jordan was at the fire station and the kids and I slept in a bit, which doesn’t always happen, but when it does, its glorious!


occasionally I’ll hear Brady playing in his crib between 5:30am and 6am and then he will fall back asleep until around 9am.ten.

breakfast. I am so hungry when I get up in the morning but everything sounds absolutely horrible. eggs have been my go-to this pregnancy, but only if I cover them in mozzarella, tortilla chips, and jalapeño tabasco sauce.  eleven.

the new rug for the girls room came this weekend. pants are from pinkblushtwelve.

shower + makeup while the babes pile in my bed for a movie. I watched this youtube video one night around 2am when I couldn’t sleep about “hiding dark circles when you’re 35“.. even though I’ve not hit 35 yet, it pretty much changed the way I do my base makeup and I had nearly all the items in my makeup drawer already!


still watching a movie.. (they were watching Maya + the Bee) and its time for Brady’s nap, but they looked so cute laying all together two.

BB came over about 2pm so I could head out to Dallas to meet some girlfriends- but first, my usual swing through Starbucks. the weather was cloudy and cooler than it had been the entire week- the skim chai latte was perfect! my necklaces (halo choker and engraved bar) are from jays + jewels (use code AMBER15 for a discount!) nails are dipped powder (NexGen) so I dont have an exact color! but I love the mauve for fall transition!  three.

several weeks ago Ashley mentioned taking this bump out to celebrate baby Cinco (baby boy’s nickname). she spoiled me with a visit to Drybar in Dallas to kick off the evening..four.

and then I volunteered her to play my IG hubby for the afternoon 🙂 22 week bump shot on THE Dallas bridge.  five.

and finally.. the highlight of the entire day, a cooking class at The Cookery in Dallas. Andrea met us there and we got the night started! if you are looking for date night, girls night, group event, birthday celebration.. THIS is your place. highly recommend.   six.

I’m going to cheat on my photo every hour rule and post a few for each hour. we started the class by making all the dough for our pasta and out of that dough we made multiple dishes for us to enjoy through the entire evening.

this pesto tortellini in a brown butter sauce was probably my favorite of the night. seven.

time for the second + third courses! rolling the pasta is an art, but a really easy art once you get the hang of it 🙂dill fettuccini pasta that will soon be covered in homemade Alfredo sauce.  making bowtie pasta with my best babes! we laughed so much the entire night- much needed for this mama!

dinner is served!! classes are about 3 hours long and it is well worth every second! the lamb ragu we made to serve with the bowtie pasta simmered the entire class filling the room with the most delicious smell- it did not disappoint! nine.

dessert! dark chocolate ravioli.  by this point I needed a wheelchair for someone to roll me out to my car. SO MUCH FOOD.  SO thankful for these girls and our mutual love of pasta and my babes. a much needed girls night out with a couple of my favorite people.  I cannot thank them enough for this special treat!


all I could think about on my way home from Dallas (its about a 45 minute drive) was a Sonic Diet Coke with vanilla, packed full of crunchy ice. I was asleep within seconds of my head hitting the pillow.

September 10, 2018