34 years + Oktoberfest

well, I’ve been thirty four years old for a full week now, and I feel no different than before 🙂 I really love my thirties more than any other decade and look forward to what the new year ahead might bring! last week Jolie started with fever on Sunday evening and then Parker followed along with Brady. Baker has an immune system of steel and rarely gets sick like the other kids- she ran a low grade fever for about 24 hours while the other babes were down for at least 3 days. it took sweet Parker and Brady a full week to finally get over what we thought was strep throat but ended up being some virus we picked up. I hate that word; virus.

for a mini bday celebration we met Jordan’s parents and Tim + Teresa for Mexican food and Bree surprised us with a cake and candles after we finished filling our bellies with chips and salsa.it was also national daughter’s day and I didnt even know it when I snapped this selfie. thankful for these sweet girls. on my actual birthday we sent the big girls off to school for the first time that week and made plans to go to the Arboretum in Dallas as well as lunch and pumpkin picking for the porch before grabbing the twins from school and heading out for our dinner plans that evening, just Jordan and me. those grand plans were quickly squashed after I got a call around lunchtime from the school nurse that Parker wasn’t feeling great so we picked her up early and cancelled plans for the rest of the day and evening.

although that day went south we just moved everything to the next day and that was just fine! We swung through Calloway’s to grab some gorgeous pumpkins for the front porch and picked out a couple of giant mums, too!!  the weather has been pretty mild the last couple weeks, and we are so thankful for it! well, until the weekend.. I think it hit 90 degrees again (eye roll.)beanie // romper // cardigan // moccasins // bow the day was GOOD. we went to dinner at our favorite pizza place and enjoyed sno cones after. Saturday we met Ashley and Jarrett for a day date at Oktoberfest in downtown Mckinney. this is an awesome event to bring the kids along, but we had so much fun just the four of us- thankful for miss Teresa for taking care of the babies while we spent the day away!! also thankful for the cookies she made with the kids while we were gone 🙂 there was this amazing VW bus photo booth parked on one of the side streets in the town square and I couldn’t pass up taking a picture in front of it. after all, it did match my outfit! I asked the sweet gal of happy photo (you can see her in the background) if I could take a picture of the outside of her bus and she happily obliged! I want to find a reason to rent this bus. just saying. you can find a similar style of my hat HERE!  jeans are pinkblush maternity but looks like they aren’t available anymore. my support tank is a must have for pregnant mamas and my shirt was a purchase made at 3am knowing it wouldn’t fit me from roolee boutique.. BUT I think I made it work with the side knot! it was perfect for the festival. my earrings are old from Nickel & Suede but these new ones are SO cute! my necklace is from bauble bar and a birthday present to myself 🙂overall it was a great birthday week that carried into the weekend with good friends!!

October 4, 2018

  1. Viv says:

    Can you do a new post on how you edit photos on your iPhone? I love your aesthetic!

  2. Lauren says:

    OK it’s official, every blogger I follow was at the McKinney Oktoberfest! What a small world

  3. Laci says:

    Love all this! Happy Birthday again!