first weekend of fall | bucket list

it was the official first day of Fall over the weekend, and Texas delivered us some cooler weather! way out of character for Texas this time of year, and after posting this photo to instagram it seemed like lots of other friends were experiencing our usual 90 degree heat in September. we’ve had a stretch of drizzly days that brought relief from the heat and no one is mad about it over here.. especially when I dig out the fall handmedowns from some of our favorite small shops and basically die from cuteness.

babies in hats.  there is in fact nothing better. hat / cardigan  Saturday afternoon we got out of the house for some dinner and to grab paint for the nursery and I asked Jordan to make a pit stop at Calloway’s Nursery to look at some mums for the front porch. when we walked up it was like pumpkin paradise and I completely forgot about the mums all together. Brady was so little during this time last year so it was fun to see him run up and down the empty rows exclaiming “whoa!!” about all the “new” he was seeing. it was drizzling and wet outside so we had the place to ourselves to play for a bit.   we picked up a flyer before we left and this weekend Calloway’s is having a Fall Family event, we may just have to make a stop again to paint some pumpkins.. and to actually buy the mums I completely forgot about.  I’m so excited for this new season ahead. 

I took a page out of my friend Amy from The Ever Co’s holiday book with this amazing bucket list for Fall. I cant wait for the cooler temps to stick around and for it to really be appropriate to wear leggings, an oversized cardigan, and Ugg boots for going out in public. I do think the 90 degree weather is gone for good, but you never know around these parts.
 Sunday morning brought more rain but also allowed the cooler temps to stick a bit longer. I felt so inclined to pull out some of the new fall clothes and boots I’ve been stashing over the last month or so.  Baker’s sweet little dress is randomly from Sam’s Club.. I always browse through the Carter’s pajamas table when we shop there (you just cant beat the $7 price tag) and was getting some fleece jams for Brady and his brother when Baker locked eyes with this tutu dress. nine dollars later and she’s worn this dress three times- always with her jelly shoes. somehow or another I’ll have to get her to fall in love with a different pair of shoes before the winter.

I’m so lucky to call these four my own. 

twins’ dresses / school girl bows here’s to a new season. new excitement and family fun. and the perfect fall days for napping + soup + football. 

September 25, 2018

  1. Kate Lee says:

    Thank you for this post! We’re doing family pictures this Sunday and I had to change my son’s outfit because of how Brady was dressed!!! ????

  2. Lauren Harrelson says:

    93 here today. Fall? Where are you?