Easter 2019

we are in holiday hangover.. at some point in the night I turned off the three alarms I had set to get the girls up for school this morning and around 6:38am I rolled over to feel Jolie and Baker in the bed with me..and it took me a second to register what day it was and decide if we really needed to be awake. we normally leave the house around 7:05am.. and somehow we busted through our morning routine in 15 minutes and I threw granola bars in the back seat on the way to school and pulled in right on time.

all that to say our Easter weekend was so much fun. we had a long holiday weekend that kicked off on Thursday morning with an Easter egg hunt/field trip for the twins at school. it poured buckets of rain the night before (some areas got 18 inches!) and rained most of the morning but cleared up right before the school buses arrived at the park for their hunt!  I was so excited to be there and hang out with my big girls! even if the ground was a little soggy 🙂 sweet friends! I went ahead and took the girls home early after the field trip so they could have a sleep over with BB+Papa. the next morning (Good Friday) BB sent me pictures of the girls with their cousins out at their house for the day! my sister and brother-in-law bought some land a few hours from Dallas and are currently developing it to have animals/cattle and eventually a house built.

Kendall and the twins are about 4 months apart an Truett is about a year younger than the three girls. while the big girls were away, it was quality time with Baylor, Baker, and Brady.  Jordan was at the fire station on Saturday and the kids and I laid low and relaxed most of the morning. we ran a few errands after Baylor’s morning nap and came home for snack and a movie. ..leading into a busy Easter Sunday. church + breakfast at our usual spot before heading over to celebrate the holiday with family. all the things I couldn’t eat for Easter lunch (ha!) its not been too terrible being dairy free while I’m breastfeeding .. until we walk into a holiday with giant pans of macaroni and cheese + yeast rolls + mashed potatoes. basically, all the carbs.  family picture attempt number one. mom’s eyes are closed but the girls looks DARLING. sweet Parker- never lose that silly, girlfriend.  time for the EGG HUNT! we had about 200 eggs hidden in the front yard for our annual cousin egg hunt at Tim & Teresa’s house.

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Baker’s darling dress is from Roolee Kids  if you happened to follow along in my stories on Easter Sunday you might have seen that Baylor demolished his first Easter outfit. he’s yet to have a blow out.. saved it for the right time- when it really counts, I suppose- ha! old navy was open that morning and we swung through to get a second outfit.. the shirt was a little small 🙂

his feet you guys.. I CANNOT.  it was such a great day with good food, good company, and overall the best time. pictures with the easter bags (so cute from Stuck On You) Parker didn’t even move or say a word when Brady had his bag in her face! I was cracking up when looked through these pictures after the fact.  Brady is mid-cough, but everyone else looks so cute, sorry bubs. Baylor’s first Easter.. first holiday ever! Easter was also Brady’s first holiday two years ago! I hope you all had the best holiday!

April 23, 2019

  1. Kelsey L says:

    That last picture with Jordan and Baker is SO CUTE!!!

  2. Viv says:

    Weird question, but do you wash the kids clothes in any particular way to preserve the quality? I worry about that with my little guys clothes especially with the more expensive small shop and name brands.

    • amber says:

      late to respond about this, but I use Dreft for the boys and Tide for the rest of us!