Easter Baskets for my Bunnies

I was going to save this post for tomorrow, but decided to go ahead and get it up asap since I saw on IG that Miranda of Chalk Designs by Me is accepting orders through tonight for her easter basket name tags! I’m way behind on sharing our easter baskets this year, but good news is that most everything I am sharing is available on Amazon prime/Target with a few small shops in the mix 🙂   as usual, the target dollar spot KILLS it every year on Easter filler, and I’ll go ahead and confess to grabbing several items from those bins! cheap bubbles, bath bombs, lip gloss, paint + canvas kits, coin purses, wooden toys, and unicorns galore.

I always get pajamas, one or two spring/summer items (like a swimsuit, sunnies, bubbles, or chalk), something for their creative side (like new markers, colored pencils, or a sticker book), a few small toys, and a girlie item (like bubble bath, lip gloss, or bath bombs) and a toy car/books for the boys. we hit up a couple egg hunts + festivities the weekends leading up to Easter, so I typically skip the candy all together because they end up getting plenty.

last year I got the kids a PEHR design canvas bin and this year we are reusing those bins! I love how sturdy they are and I actually use them between holiday’s for storage in their closets. blush bins for the girls and I got Brady and Baylor the same in grey!

 those name tags! they are just so cute and I love the colors she opted to include this year (I think she has four options).

cuddle + kind dolls are the perfect addition to our baskets- not to mention the meals they provide to children with each purchase of a doll. I got the girls a few for their birthday/christmas this year and they have been a huge hit! 

always jewelry and always hair accessories. we love those two things around here! I also included LOL surprise dolls and for the twins I included a couple of the “I Can Read” books! sweet Baker got her share of jewelry and hair bows, but also a set of cutie tensils from Ryan & Rose! her Violet the Fawn cuddle + kind doll is probably my favorite of the bunch 🙂

for the boys!! Brady and Baylor also got the cuddle + kind dolls. I included a few board books for Brady and an awesome camo ball cap from Rey to Z!  Brady also got the cutie tensils and a slap watch from watchitude! I love the mess free marker packs because Brady LOVES to color and draw but the coloring often ends up all over his legs and hands 🙂 so this works well for him, especially in the car or when we are out to eat! I always have one in the diaper bag for him to keep busy with.  sweet baby Baylor’s basket might be my favorite.. filled with (semi) practical things because he just doesn’t NEED anything yet, you know! well, he does NEED fire truck moccasins from freshly picked!  I also love the cutie clips from Ryan & Rose (even though I cannot get him to even entertain a pacifier!), and board book from our recent Literati box.

the forage feeder from moss & fawn is one of my favorite things in Baylor’s basket! I will put frozen breastmilk in it for now and then eventually will add fruit and veggie to it when he’s a little older!  

happy basket filling, friends!

photography by :: Jamie Denholm Photography

April 11, 2019

  1. Leah says:

    What size cuddle and kind dolls do you usually get?